Immunologist Serves Up Natural Post Pandemic Health Tips in Time for August’s National Immunization Awareness Month

Part of the 1MD Physician Incubator, Immunologist Dr. Brian Greenberg Weighs in on What to Know Now

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the populations of more than 200 countries have seen their health in a way most may have not considered since the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic, more than 100 years ago.  In honor of August’s National Immunization Awareness Month, immunologist Dr. Brian Greenberg, who develops natural supplements to support immune and respiratory health in tandem with the 1MD physician incubator, offers tips on how to bolster one’s immune health today.

IMD Founder, Ziv Haklili created the 1MD physician group so that doctors could develop health supplements that are based on clinical trials and made in clinical doses. About this, he said: “After living through COVID, our awareness of health and preventative measures greatly increased as did our amassing of as much personal responsibility as possible. And, for me as a consumer and also a health industry nutrition provider, I rely heavily on physician-knowledge and experience to confirm what’s possible.”

Dr. Brian Greenberg, an immunologist and allergist said: “I have spent 30 years helping patients support their respiratory and immune health. I became frustrated with prescription medication and this sent me on a path to discover the efficacy of probiotics and other natural source ingredients. I decided to create a proprietary formula from the highest-quality ingredients whose efficacy would never diminish and this became 1MD’s ImmuneMD and BreatheMD. Using my clinical experience, nutrition science research and superfoods from around the world, I have championed the use of naturally-derived methods to support the body’s own immune system to promote health and wellness. The safe and effective solutions we formulated are truly revolutionary immune and respiratory system supplements, free from unnecessary chemicals, additives, and common side effects.”

These are Dr. Greenberg’s top 3 tips on how to use natural ingredients to keep your immune and respiratory systems strong today:
(1) Eat foods that are rich in Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin C
(2) Use probiotics to optimize gut health which in turn modulates the immune system
(3) Drink plenty of water, get daily exercise and reduce stress

About 1MD Nutrition – Recently awarded the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023 Best Dietary Supplements Brand, 1MD is a physician incubator that develops health supplements formulated with clinically effective doses and short, clean and scientifically researched ingredient sets. All products are made in facilities that abide by GMP standards and are NSF and/or SQF-Certified. 1MD Nutrition’s doctors include a gastroenterologist, interventional cardiologist, rheumatologist, urologist, allergist and immunologist whose probiotics, digestive enzymes, joint, bone, eye, prostate, heart support and immune system boosters have been offered exclusively online since 2015. 1MD Nutrition is known for its superlative choices of ingredients that have been rigorously proven in clinical trials and meet Good Manufacturing Practices.

About: National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual observance held in August to highlight the importance of routine vaccination for people of all ages. These resources, provided by the Centers for Disease Control, help illuminate what types of vaccinations to consider throughout the year.

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