Immuno-Uro-Prostanorm Bolsters Men Below the Belt

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aging comes with its fair share of difficulties. Several of these struggles can revolve around the prostate and urinary tract. An enlarged prostate is particularly important to watch out for, as it can lead to a plethora of related concerns, from bladder stones and acute urinary retention to recurrent urinary tract infections and even blood in one’s urine.

The fact that prostate health is a concern for half of the world’s aging population is what drove the folks behind U.S.-based Muno-Vax and its European partner, Natstim, to develop their groundbreaking product Immuno-Uro-Prostanorm. The dietary supplement is designed for men over the age of 40 and is meant to be taken for a minimum of 3 months in order to take effect.

Immuno-Uro-Prostanorm is loaded with potent ingredients. Headlining the list is nettle root extract. This powerful botanical ingredient is harvested from the stinging nettle plant and is known for a variety of health benefits.

One of these is the potential of helping to manage an enlarged prostate. While not definitive, research has indicated that nettle root extract may be able to reduce the size of the prostate gland. This is especially true for men dealing with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) — a condition that is a leading cause of an enlarged prostate.

Along with nettle root extract, the product also contains a "patented specific uro-immune support complex," which is described as a mixture of lipopolysaccharides and lipopeptides. Zinc and natural vitamin D3 from lichen also make the list of active ingredients, both of which play key roles in helping to preserve a healthy prostate.

Prostate health is an important topic for older men to address. BPH alone is a concern for 50% of men between 51 and 60 years old, and the number only goes up from there. While common, though, the condition remains largely misunderstood and lacks appropriate solutions. Immuno-Uro-Prostanorm offers a healthy option in the form of a dietary supplement that can either help all on its own or in tandem with conventional therapy.

About Muno-Vax: Muno-Vax is an American company that works in close association with its manufacturing partner, Bulgarian-based Natstim, Ltd. Together, the two brands represent 30 years of combined scientific research in relation to both preventing infections and bolstering the immune system. The company is most well known for its unique, patented ingredient, which it refers to as an immuno-modulator. This is used to stimulate the immune system and increase its effectiveness against foreign invaders.

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