Ibogaine by David Dardashti Demonstrates Ongoing Success in Getting Users Off Suboxone, Methadone, and Fentanyl Without Requiring Short-Acting Opiates

Clinic releases hundred of testimonials supporting individuals’ ability to recover and stay clean long-term after personalized ibogaine treatment that treats the root causes of their addictive behaviors.

BOSTON, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the continuous fight against substance abuse across the continent, one ibogaine treatment center in Mexico has differentiated itself with proven protocols – designed to be tailored to individuals’ unique needs – that have been shown to heal addiction and curb withdrawal.

Ibogaine Clinic Inc., also known as Ibogaine by David Dardashti, has been operating for over twelve years in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and this month is releasing a series of testimonials focusing on the experience of its guests, notable for their ability to get off substances such as Suboxone, Methadone, and Fentanyl without requiring lifestyle modifications prior to treatment.

“A successful treatment that minimizes withdrawal symptoms, while also requiring minimal disruptions to the individual’s lifestyle, is considered elusive, but is precisely what we’ve been able to consistently achieve,” said Dr. Kitzia Ruiz, medical and psychiatric specialist at the facility. “The specific protocols we have been developing over 12 years have allowed us to see individuals respond extremely well long term to the ibogaine treatment.”

A Wealth of Testimonials

Rabbi David Dardashti’s facility is one of the only ibogaine facilities to publicly post direct and recent experiences from individuals who have experienced the treatment, in their own words. This is a crucial part of their work, as it helps individuals see for themselves in a world where skepticism or negative voices might prevent an individual from seeking help, and in some cases, prevent a person from having their life saved.

Often this hesitance comes from a fear, commonly instilled by other facilities, that a person need switch to other substances, such as Morphine, in order to complete a successful treatment. After over a thousand successful treatments with long-term results, the facility can confidently show the results that this is not the case for their guests.

“Each and every case is different, and we are able to achieve success because we tailor each treatment to the individual’s personal situation,” says the facility’s founder Rabbi David Dardashti. “We assess the traumas, habits and physiology in a clinical and psychiatric process prior to the treatment. Only then, can we create a personalized plan that lets individuals get off and STAY off these substances.”

David has been forthcoming about his own multi-year addiction to Oxycontin, which has been crucial to his understanding of the individuals he treats, and was a key factor in inspiring him on his journey to create a truly workable solution for people suffering from similar addictions.

No Short-Acting Opiates Required

One of the main points is that the facility does not require individuals to switch to potentially dangerous short-acting opiates or alter their dosage of substances like Suboxone, Methadone, Subutex, etc in order to have a successful recovery.

“The pain experienced through withdrawals is simply one of the most damaging things to an individual’s ability to stay clean,” says Dr. Ruiz. “It is for this reason that the focus of the clinic for over a decade has centered around allowing guests to ‘come as they are’, so that their ability to heal is not tainted by withdrawal suffering before their treatment has even begun.”

Ibogaine Clinic Inc. invites both colleagues in the industry, and those wishing to improve their lives from trauma, anxiety, addiction, or depression to contact the facility or Rabbi David Dardashti directly to see more evidence, research and testimonials, on how the clinic is able to achieve such excellent results for its visitors.

About Rabbi David Dardashti

Rabbi David Dardashti has dedicated his life to understanding the keys to human potential, happiness, and self-discovery. From recording artist, to developer of commercial real estate, he found his path toward the founding of his Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico. Through his work, he has helped hundreds of people discover the true power within themselves. He brings over 35 years of Kabbalah and Talmud studies to his scientific approach to addressing the challenges of trauma, anxiety, and other common neurological problems.

He has recently published his book Trauma & the Mystery of the Subconscious, available now on the Amazon Kindle Book Store.

About Dr. Kitzia Ruiz

A graduate of the School of Medicine of the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, Dr. Kitzia Ruiz Navarro is one of the foremost specialists in psychiatry in the country. Specializing in the study of Affective and Bipolar Disorders, her expertise is instrumental in helping people improve their lives.

She is an active member of the Mexican Psychiatric Association, the Quintanarroense Association of Psychiatry, the Medical College of Mexico and the Quintana Roo Medical College, as well as the ISBD (The International Society of Bipolar Disorders).

Media Contact:
Cole Barressi
+1 (609) 686-3001

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