Hyperwear Announces SandBell® Pro Exercise Weights Featuring SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial Freshness Protection Technology From IFF

AUSTIN, Texas, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperwear®, a world leader in fitness innovation, is proud to be an innovative exercise equipment maker featuring SILVADUR™ antimicrobial freshness protection technology on its SandBell® PRO sandbag training free weights.

SILVADUR™ protects the fabric on these innovative sandbag weights from odor-causing bacteria, so they stay cleaner and fresher longer. Plus, the durable SILVADUR™ technology saves time by eliminating the need to use other recommended odor control treatments after use. These benefits are especially important for consumers who enjoy working out at home and operators of commercial health clubs and fitness studios.

“SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology protects the fabric of our SandBell® PRO workout sandbags from odor and makes the workout experience more effective,” states Hyperwear CEO Dirk Buikema, “Our customers can experience the versatility of one free weight to do dumbbell, kettlebell, and medicine ball exercises with the significant value of durable, advanced odor control that minimizes unpleasant distractions. For home gyms or commercial gyms, having cleaner, fresher free weight equipment with built-in odor protection just makes everything easier and more convenient.”

As a global leader in antimicrobial protection for textiles (fabric surfaces), SILVADUR™ patented silver ion antimicrobial technology blocks, absorbs, and prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming on treated fabrics. This is especially important in products like the SandBell® PRO sandbag training free weights that are incased in durable fabric coverings that can come into continuous contact with the body where sweat and microbes reside to create unpleasant odors. The SILVADUR™ technology provides durable, long-lasting protection from odor build-up.

“Durable freshness protection is a particularly meaningful benefit now that people are exercising more,” says Karel Williams, Global Business Development Leader, International Flavor and Fragrances (“IFF”) Health & Biosciences Division. “SILVADUR™ antimicrobial freshness technology stops unpleasant odors before they start, so the SandBell® PRO’s fabric surface stays fresher longer, enabling exercise enthusiasts to focus on their workouts instead of the annoying odors of their workout equipment.”

Hyperwear SandBell PRO workout sandbags are available at Hyperwear.com.

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