Hyperbite Touts “On-The-Go Performance Energy”

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperbite has created a product line of energy-boosting mints. The innovative, candied energy boosters are optimized for fast-acting energy delivery. However, it’s their chewable mint format that truly makes them a groundbreaking product that is accessible for all.

Hyperbite is a company committed to keeping customers moving forward. From Iron Heads who live at the gym to exhausted professionals trying to get through the day, the brand is committed to helping anyone who is, in the words of Hyperbite CEO Dan King, "seeking performance energy and goal-progression in their daily lives."

This commitment has manifested in two unique delivery methods: Hyperbite PRE-WORKOUT and Hyperbite ENERGY. The former is a pre-workout solution designed to replace the clumpy powders, which are known to cause digestive upset. The latter is an organic everyday energy booster, without the fillers, preservatives and liquids that come with shots and canned beverages.

Both solutions bring one critical innovation to the table: they deliver a candy mint flavor while delivering a blend of superfoods, focus, and immune support as part of the "Energy Matrix." These chewable mints have been developed with an elite, fast-acting formula that allows the ingredients to break down as soon as the mint enters the mouth. The resulting energy boost is crisp, clean, functional, and acts fast.

Hyperbite’s products mark a turning point in the energy industry. They eliminate the need to mix powders before a workout or down an energy drink before a business meeting. Instead, these unsavory and less-than-ideal delivery methods are replaced with a candy-like alternative that is as easy on the tastebuds as it is on the stomach.

The fast delivery also means anyone can access the energy they need within minutes. In addition, the convenience of the chewable mint format ensures that a quick caffeine boost is always within arm’s reach.

Hyperbite is new on the energy scene. And yet, the company is already finding a growing audience of believers both in the fitness and professional spaces. The brand is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead.

About Hyperbite: Hyperbite is the brainchild of Sam Khan and Dan King. The business partners founded the company in April of 2020 as a DBA for their company Hybrid Athletic Sciences. Hyberbite products are the result of hundreds of performance tests and real-world trials. The products are compliant with the N.C.A.A. and the I.O.C./World Anti-Doping Agency regulations and are allergen-free, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.

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