History’s First Researcher and Retailer Partnership to Test Supplements’ Effectiveness

Unprecedented collaboration with Radicle Science makes Love.com history’s first retailer to enable supplement clinical trials

SAN FRANCISCO and SAN DIEGO, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The soon-to-be-launched Love.com marketplace will be the world’s first retailer enabling clinical research on supplements through a unique partnership with Radicle Science, the pioneer of Proof-as-a-Service for non-pharmaceuticals.

Since the FDA does not require supplements to prove their effectiveness, consumers struggle with understanding a product’s true benefits. Most supplements have not undergone any randomized controlled trials because traditional clinical trials are extremely expensive and slow, typically afforded only by patented pharmaceuticals.

Radicle Science has democratized access to clinical evidence generation and is conducting some of history’s first and largest clinical trials on supplements. Its crowdsourced, virtual, AI-driven, standardized studies conduct research at unprecedented scale, cost, speed – and importantly, with diversity. 

In line with Love’s mission to build trust, online and offline, for healing and connection, Love.com is subsidizing the cost of Radicle Science’s clinical trials for brands in its marketplace. The unique partnership will enable brands to demonstrate their true effectiveness beyond placebo. The collective goal is to catalyze evidence generation for more supplements, helping consumers choose ones proven effective by gold standard double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trials. 

“This unprecedented and unique partnership signals an important step for the Love.com community who want to trust the products they purchase from our site are indeed the most effective options,” said Love Founder and CEO Ryan Breslow. “As a trusted marketplace, we are committed to helping the consumer optimize their health.” 

Love Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Horgan added, “To fulfill Love.com’s mission, the company will subsidize the cost of clinical trials with Radicle Science to help generate this much needed clinical evidence and highlight those products with proven benefit.”

Dr. Jeff Chen, Cofounder and CEO of Radicle Science, shared, “This is an extraordinary opportunity for a retailer to commit to trust, transparency and their customers’ true wellbeing.  For the first time in history, a retailer is supporting – and rewarding – products in their marketplace with proof generation, giving consumers real evidence.”

“Radicle’s mission is to leverage clinical evidence to transform supplements into personalized, proven medicines accessible for all. Given our deep mission alignment with Love, we are excited about our unique partnership designed to power better health decision making for future generations,” added Pelin Thorogood, Radicle Science Cofounder and Executive Chair.

This partnership comes just as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released historic “Health Products Compliance Guidance” in December 2022, their first publication in nearly a quarter century on health claims. The FTC expects “companies to support any health-related claims with high-quality, randomized, controlled human clinical trials.”  Radicle Science and Love.com’s partnership increases trust and transparency for consumers, setting a new standard for all retailers in alignment with regulatory requirements.

About Love 
Love is building trusted spaces online and offline for healing and connection. Our approach provides community, tools and a path to achieve health and wellness. The Love marketplace and community platform highlights products and services most likely to help. We’re launching a movement to transform healing for everyone. Learn more at Love.com.

About Radicle Science 
Radicle Science pioneered Proof-as-a-Service, enabling companies to formulate innovative products based on real evidence, while consumers can confidently buy products proven to work for someone like them.  At its core, Radicle Science is a rebellion against the status quo of research and healthcare and a movement towards personalized, proven health treatments trusted by consumers, recommended by healthcare providers, and used widely to deliver wellbeing for all.

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SOURCE Radicle Science; Love.com