HealthIV Bets Big on Las Vegas, Bringing Innovative In-Home Infusion Therapy Service to Residents and Visitors

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HealthIV, the digital healthcare company focused on improving home health outcomes through technology, brings its innovative in-home infusion therapy services to Las Vegas. Under the direction of co-founders Aysha Ahmed, PharmD and Humza Khan, HealthIV is changing the game for the home healthcare space, focusing on creating full digital interoperability between patients, doctors, pharmacists, and home healthcare workers.

"Home infusion therapy can be extremely beneficial to many people, but there’s always been a barrier preventing mass adoption," said Aysha Ahmed, President and Chief Medical Director of HealthIV. "Our mission is to provide patients with IV therapy in the comfort of their own home at an affordable price. Our infusion therapies deliver 100 percent of the vitamins directly into your blood stream, making it easier for your body to use more of these nutrients to support your metabolism and your overall health." 

"This expansion marks HealthIV’s first foray into the Western United States and we’re thrilled to bring our services to the residents of the Las Vegas metro area," said Humza Khan, CEO of HealthIV. "Our IV therapies are quick and effective – a perfect fit for the Vegas lifestyle – taking only 25-45 minutes to complete and you’ll feel the benefits soon after. Las Vegans will definitely be a fan once they’ve experienced it for themselves."

HealthIV will provide home healthcare services for infusion therapies to residents in the greater Las Vegas area, treating everything from light dehydration and the occasional hangover to symptoms of chronic illnesses such as asthma and fibromyalgia. HealthIV employs registered nurses who work 24/7 to provide treatment to those in need.

HealthIV kicked off its Las Vegas launch by participating in the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) festival. Led by Shawn Ankari, business development director and co-founder of west coast operations, HealthIV provided IVs to artists and guests in the artist lounge.

To book your HealthIV therapy appointment, visit the online portal or call (877) 381-2190.

About HealthIV

HealthIV was founded in 2020 to answer the nationwide call for higher-quality, lower-cost healthcare. The company currently offers on-site and in-home ambulatory healthcare and infusion therapies with registered medical professionals, and is working towards the launch of digital and mobile products that will introduce unprecedented interoperability to the healthcare space, forever changing the face of home healthcare, and giving patients a greater share of voice in their care as they coordinate with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and home healthcare providers. For more information, or to book your own infusion therapies, visit 

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