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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marisa Peer says one of the leading pathways to healing the mind is by healing the gut, which is why she’s endorsing Kfibre — a plant-derived, vegan prebiotic from Australia that is designed to heal and nourish the gut-brain axis.

As a pioneering therapist, speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), Marisa’s guiding ethos is centered on simple steps that produce dramatic and life-saving results. One of those steps, she recently revealed, is integrating Kfibre’s easy-to-use formula into her morning routine.  

Kfibre is the world’s first sugarcane-based prebiotic. It is a functional fiber source that can be used for gut health management and microbiome support. Developed in Australia by leading wellness company Health Food Symmetry, it supports the all-important microbiome, helps normalize digestion, addresses the dietary causes of bloating and indigestion, and even assists with weight maintenance. Its unique flour-like formula is backed by four independent human clinical trials, three in-vitro scientific trials, and over eleven years of research and development at both the University of Queensland and the University of Tasmania. It is now available worldwide.

Peer, who is known for her pioneering work on the power of the mind, explains why healing and supporting your gut also has powerful effects on the mind — a dynamic referred to by scientists as the "gut-brain axis."

"When we talk about the mind-body connection, there’s an emphasis on how our thoughts create physical and emotional reactions in the body," Peer says. "But it works both ways — particularly when it comes to gut health. It’s described as the gut-brain-axis, the bi-directional communication between the central nervous system and gut microbiota."

Kfibre is remarkably easy to integrate into a healthy lifestyle. Peer recommends adding the powder to a smoothie or yogurt, baking it into a breakfast bar, or simply adding to a glass of water. Produced in the Burdekin region of far North Queensland, Kfibre’s powdered formula is derived from sugarcane but is completely sugar-free with a neutral taste.

"One of the things your body, your mind and your gut absolutely need is a natural prebiotic," Peer says. "I’ve been using Kfibre for several months and I’ve found it’s made an amazing difference to my gut health. Doctors call the gut the second brain and we really need to take care of it."

For people who suffer with uncomfortable digestive issues, Kfibre can be a welcome addition to a holistic treatment protocol. Not only can it help reduce physical symptoms and promote regularity, it can also alleviate the confidence and self esteem issues that come with chronic bloating and digestion problems. It is vegan, sugar, gluten and dairy free, and contains no known dietary allergens — making it an accessible choice for everyone’s lifestyle and preferences.

Health Food Symmetry Founder & CEO Gordon Edwards discusses the new collaboration and explains why Peer was a perfect fit to endorse this product. "As a new product on the market supported by university-caliber research, we are absolutely delighted that Marisa has benefitted from using Kfibre and is now a believer. We’re looking to the future where the gut and the mind can be treated together for a healthier whole-body experience & benefit"

About Kfibre

Kfibre is a virgin prebiotic and functional fibre for gut health management and microbiome support. You can learn more about KfibreTM by visiting kfibre.com

About Marisa Peer

With more than three decades of one-to-one work and a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, royalty, and Olympic athletes, Marisa brings an unparalleled breadth of experience, candor, and compassion to her work as a therapist, a trainer of RTT®, and a writer. The creator of the I Am Enough movement, Marisa is a sought-after speaker and television personality. You can find her online at MarisaPeer.com.

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