HabitNu Announces Breakthrough HabitTracker Tool to Enhance Outcomes of Weight Loss, Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs

CHICAGO, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HabitNu, a CDC-recognized provider of evidence-based coaching programs to prevent obesity-related chronic conditions, announces the release of HabitTracker, a game-changing goal-setting tool to help build healthy habits and integrate them into participants’ daily/weekly routine. HabitTracker is a first-of-its kind tool that leverages CDC-recommended healthy habits for measuring, monitoring and enhancing outcomes.

Building good habits (and breaking bad ones) is hard. The most effective way to achieve your health goals is to take control of them: 1) set your own goals, 2) receive reminders that trigger the desired behavior, 3) incorporate the actions into your daily routine overtime, and 4) reap the rewards: the benefits gained from your actions.

With HabitTracker, participants in HabitNu programs are able to set achievable goals, measure progress, and receive action prompts via personalized nudges.Through colorful graphics, the habit objectives are presented as a highly visual chain of accomplishments to drive the participants toward success. Detailed charts provide a clear picture of how the habits have improved over time so participants can appreciate their progress.HabitTracker also integrates with devices such as Wi-Fi scales, activity trackers and blood pressure cuffs so participants can immediately see the impact that changing habits have on their health outcomes.

According to Dr. Sindhu Rajan, HabitNu’s Founder and CEO, "What separates people that adopt healthy habits from those that don’t is their ability to diligently track and measure their progress." HabitNu’s staff coach Jennifer Hoffman added, "With HabitTracker, you can easily keep track of your habit objectives to help drive you toward success. Notifications can be pre-scheduled to nudge you to action. When you can see progress, you’re much more likely to keep it up."

About HabitNu

Used by hospital systems, state agencies, payers, and employers, HabitNu is a health and wellness company that leverages behavioral economics (the science of how and why people behave the way they do) to help individuals shape healthier habits for a lifetime. HabitNu’s high-touch coaching programs address the whole health of the individual through lifestyle change and analytics. HabitNu’s scalable technology provides a platform to administer scientifically proven programs recognized by the CDC based on outcomes. Learn more at HabitNu.com.

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