Gynov SAS announces investment from eureKARE SA

PARIS, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gynov ("the Company"), a French company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative nutritional supplements, Food for Special Medical Purposes (DADFMS), and medical devices for gynaecological and obstetrical purposes, today announced an equity investment from eureKARE SA. eureKARE is a pioneering new company focused on financing and building next generation biotechnology companies in the disruptive fields of synthetic biology and the microbiome.

Many female-specific conditions such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, chronic vaginitis, preterm delivery risk, infertility, etc. are hugely prevalent disorders with a shortage of effective solutions. Gynov utilizes robust scientific and medical evidence to select relevant, high quality molecules and has found microbiota modulators to have an increasing role in human health.

For the development of health products, Gynov employs an approach comparable to that of the pharmaceutical industry. It systematically applies incoming and outgoing controls and processing which is carried out exclusively with GMP (Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices) certified manufacturers.

Gynov’s business strategy is largely based on exclusive distribution contracts, by territory, with pharmaceutical companies that will promote the products to healthcare professionals through a dedicated sales force. This approach contrasts with the traditional marketing of dietary supplements and meets the growing need of these companies to have new commercial products. Gynov provides solutions that bring a high benefit-risk ratio to patients and will likely be recommended by healthcare professionals, owing to a well-documented scientific track record.

Pierre-Yves Mousset, Chief Executive Officer of Gynov, said: "Currently, Gynov markets its products in nearly 30 countries, through agreements with major pharmaceutical groups. eureKARE’s investment is a real opportunity to consolidate and accelerate the rapid development of Gynov. This partnership will allow us to accelerate the transformation of our pipeline with an expected rate of 3 new products per year and to expand our activities in key markets such as Brazil, Mexico and the United States."

"Beyond its proven know-how in terms of concepts and manufacturing capacity, Gynov brings to eureKARE a disruptive position in the women’s health market, consistent with its investments in the fields of microbiome and synthetic biology," commented Rodolphe Besserve, CEO of eureKARE. 

About Gynov

Gynov, short for Gynecological Innovation, was founded by Pierre-Yves Mousset in France in 2016. The company’s primary goal is to harness the latest scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition to develop genuinely effective solutions for women’s health concerns. All of Gynov’s products serve as powerful, science-backed dietary supplements or medical foods designed to help with health, enhance prevention, and support the effectiveness of prescription drugs. The organization prides itself on the GMP-pharma quality of its products formulas and is setting a new standard for efficacy and liability in women’s health.

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