Gynov Is Shining a Light on Women’s Health

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gynov — short for Gynecological Innovation — is a French company that is creating solutions for chronic female health concerns from puberty to post menopause. These are rooted in the scientific application of dietary supplements that include carefully selected ingredients.

Chronic diseases are a growing concern for Americans. 60% of adults in the U.S. already have a chronic condition. While many of these span across both genders, there are also areas where women, in particular, take on the brunt of the struggle.

Women around the world suffer from endometriosis, recurrent vaginosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and other female-specific conditions. They are often largely misunderstood. For instance, in its introduction to polycystic ovary syndrome, Mayo Clinic simply states that "the exact cause of PCOS is unknown."

Gynov shines a spotlight on these often ignored areas of female health. Company co-founder, Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD, outlines the goal of his company by stating that "many specifically female conditions…are very prevalent but suffer from a lack or insufficiency of therapeutic solutions."

Dr. Mousset goes on to explain that Gynov is invested in creating innovative healthcare solutions for women. These aren’t designed for a single life event, either. They are created to be used over the long term, as we deal with chronic conditions. From puberty through menopause, Gynov is working to support women throughout their lives.

Where Gynov stands out is in the way that it brings medicine and sciences together to develop health solutions. "We care about developing solutions based on scientific rigor and endorsed by healthcare professionals," says Dr. Mousset, adding that "the key to success relies on quality, credibility, science, and relevance." The dietary supplements that come up on the market are multi-targeted concepts based on active ingredients from food and supported by robust literature."

"Gynov relies on a robust scientific and medical rationale," Dr. Mousset elaborates, explaining that these are used "to select effective and high-quality ingredients."

One of the best examples of this focus in action can be seen in the company’s leading women’s health supplement Gynositol, indicated for PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome. The product puts sound scientific research into action by utilizing two key ingredients: Myo-inositol and a bio-active form of folic acid (which is normally synthetic and requires numerous biochemical reactions to be used by the body) called 5-MTHF.

The former works to restore ovarian function, reduce insulin resistance, and improve oocyte quality. The latter helps embryonic development and prevents neural tube defects.

Gynositol is a great case study of how Gynov approaches women’s health: a multi-targets and holistic approach. The company’s willingness to apply cutting-edge scientific research to dietary supplements allows it to offer holistic support throughout puberty, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, peri- and post-menopause periods of life. The growing French company presents a real-world solution to many chronic conditions that have, until now, been largely left unattended.

About Gynov: Gynov was founded in Paris, France in 2016 by Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD. Gynov prides itself on using advanced scientific methods to develop high-quality, effective dietary supplements dedicated to women’s health and beyond. These are created to support the efficacy of prescription drugs and help provide genuine solutions for female health concerns. For more information, please visit:

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