Gynov is Committed to a Holistic View of Women’s Health

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gynov is a paradigm-shifting enterprise that is rewriting the narrative when it comes to women’s health. The company was founded in France in 2016 by a group of individuals that includes Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD.

Dr. Mousset previously worked as a medical doctor, and his company is committed to creating supplements that combine conventional medicine with a deeply holistic vision of the health of the human body. Rather than simply managing symptoms, Dr. Mousset and his team strive to comprehensively address women’s health, especially in unmet areas of need for many common female disorders. To quote him, "Many specifically female conditions such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, chronic vaginitis, preterm delivery risk, etc. are very prevalent but suffer from a lack or insufficiency of therapeutic solutions."

That’s where Gynov is looking to make a difference.

The innovative French health company is developing a growing line of supplements aimed at bolstering the body’s ability to naturally operate at its peak condition — including the reproductive system. Dr. Mousset describes that each of his company’s products "was created to address an unmet medical need with the deep conviction that a nutritional approach can at least improve the condition, with or without associated drug treatment."

For example, the company’s flagship product, Gynositol, utilizes key ingredients such as Myo-inositol, which restores ovarian function and reduces insulin resistance on a cellular level. It also includes Vitamin B9, which is recommended by the CDC for pregnant women. However, Gynov includes this key nutrient in its biologically active form of 5-MTHF to ensure proper uptake and a positive impact on the reproductive system.

Gynov’s products aren’t meant to replace pharmaceutical or medical solutions. They are designed to work in concert with them by providing quality, targeted nutrients that the body needs for its reproductive system.

Gynov takes pride in its approach to business. Unlike many supplement companies, the enterprise isn’t interested in shoving random herbs and vitamins at the body in the hope that some of them will randomly help. Every product that Gynov creates is backed by vigorous scientific research and operates with a targeted goal. In the words of Dr. Mousset, "Gynov provides solutions based on scientific rigor and promoted by physicians, taking into consideration consumers’ individual needs."

Gynov’s ancillary, holistically-focused approach is new in the feminine health industry. By offering multi-targeted concepts, the company is helping address the ongoing needs of countless individuals around the globe.

About Gynov: Gynov was founded in 2016 by Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD. The French company prides itself on using advanced scientific methods to develop high-quality, effective dietary supplements dedicated to women’s health and beyond. These are created to support the efficacy of prescription drugs and help provide genuine solutions for female health concerns. For more information, please visit:

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