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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sports medicine brand Gsport recently made their Gsport Kinesiology Tape for sale through Amazon represents a major opportunity for Gsport since the e-commerce giant is now responsible for the bulk of all e-commerce sales across the United States. Selling through Amazon is also a wise move for products geared towards fitness enthusiasts who have been keeping up with their regular workout routine at home over the past few months in an effort to stay safe.

Gsport has been creating the very best in sports medicine products for over fifteen years from their state-of-the-art factory and laboratory. Because Gsport is able to design, develop, test, and manufacture all of their goods, they maintain the highest level of quality control over their products. Gsport makes a wide range of athletic tapes, bandages, wraps, strips, and cold bags, but one of their most popular items has consistently been their kinesiology tape.

Gsport’s kinesiology tape was created to help increase muscle support where needed, without the loss of range of motion that can come with splits or bandages. Kinesiology tape is said to support the level of blood circulating to the muscles, making it easier for muscles to function correctly. Gsport’s tape utilizes a specialized wave pattern adhesive that is designed to move with the skin to help muscles feel better faster.

Gsport has received excellent customer feedback for the quality of material that they use in their kinesiology tape. Breathable cotton fiber allows air to flow to the skin, even after hours of use. Gsport says that another major selling point for their customers has been that their tape is formed into precut strips of fabric, ready to use. Too often kinesiology tape relies heavily on the user’s knowledge of how to apply it correctly, and incorrect application can lead to customers feeling disappointed when the product doesn’t have the desired effect. Gsport’s pre-cut tape strips help eliminate this issue, while also helping to keep the tape from fraying at the edges, even through rigorous use. Gsport’s tape is waterproof and sweatproof and stays in place no matter the sport or intensity.

Kinesiology tape is designed to help minimize pressure on the soft muscle tissue while simultaneously providing support during physical activity. Its high adhesive strength also prevents the kinesiology tape from falling off, making it very practical to use. But Gsport says that hands down one of their biggest selling points was the decision to make their products available through mainly online retailers.

Partnering with Amazon is not only valuable because more people will be able to easily purchase Gsport’s Kinesiology Tape, but it also means new customers will be able to read a wealth of product reviews before they buy. Gsport will continue expanding their retail availability both online and in stores throughout 2020. Look for them through various e-commerce stores, and now through

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