Gsport’s Cohesive Bandages Provide a Plethora of Different Sports Care Solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gsport has been in business for nearly two decades. In that time, the sports care brand has designed a comprehensive number of cohesive bandage options. As the company’s international market presence has grown, this has enabled athletes, healthcare workers, and other professionals around the world to treat a wide variety of injuries with precision solutions.

Cohesive bandages are nothing new in the sports care industry. The need to cut a piece of material to wrap an injury is about as old as the ancient Greek Olympics. However, few companies have shown a greater affinity to do so in a modern, 21st-century manner than Gsport.

The China-based operation has specialized in high-tech sports medicine solutions for nearly two decades. During that time, it has designed and manufactured an impressive array of cohesive bandage options.

Most of these are self-adhesive, non-woven, impressively flexible, and inherently stretchy. They also implement an innovative breathable technology that keeps the air flowing in and the bandages even come in many different sizes.

Gsport has even created a non-adhesive polyurethane foam underwrap that provides a base layer when dressing any injuries sustained during high-performance activities. This can provide an extra layer of protection, both from external events as well as irritation or chafing from an adhesive bandage.

While Gsport’s primary focus is on the sports care industry, its cohesive bandages have found far-flung uses in multiple industries, both at home and abroad, such as:

  • Athletic competitions and fitness pursuits;
  • Hospitals, physical therapy offices, and other medically-related situations;
  • Veterinarian hospitals, animal shelters, and other pet-related needs.

Gsport proudly champions its cohesive bandage line as a multi-pronged solution that is helpful for dealing with anything from supporting healthy muscle to enhancing recovery times and even ameliorating chronic pain. The brand’s impressive selection has been turning heads in multiple industries around the world for years now and its recent push into the U.S. market promises to magnify Gsport’s growing reputation moving forward.

About Gsport: Gsport is a subsidiary of Hangzhou GPSMED Medical Appliances Co. The high-tech sports medicine brand has nearly two decades of experience behind it and has built an international presence in markets around the world. Its 230,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is located off of the Fuchun River, a beautiful tributary located in China’s Zhejiang Province, where it designs and manufactures all of its cutting-edge bandages, tapes, and other sports care products in-house.

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