Greenfilled Supplements Contribute to a Healthy Aging Lifestyle

The Health Brand’s Plankton-Powered Supplements Fight Oxidative Stress Through Their Primary Ingredient, TetraSOD ®

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aging is more than just a number on a birthday cake or wrinkles on the face. As the body gets older, a person’s age impacts how they feel and their overall quality of life — much of which is connected to the damaging effects of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress takes place on a molecular level and is connected to a variety of factors, from pollutants and toxins to immune responses and even run-of-the-mill stress.

Finding ways to slow this microscopic yet damaging aging process has been a priority for humans for millennia, even if ongoing efforts have met with little success — until now. The Spanish-based health brand Greenfilled has found an antidote to aging by going back in time even further than civilization and its youth-hungry humans. The supplement company has turned to a primordial oceanic substance that has been and will continue to be a key player in life on earth for a long time to come: phytoplankton.

“Phytoplankton is a critical part of sustaining life on earth,” explains Greenfilled COO Enrique Castaño, “It produces 80% of the oxygen that we breathe, which is its most obvious benefit. But the power of plant-based plankton goes further than air. It’s also a major producer of the anti-aging enzyme superoxide dismutase.”

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is the first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway. SOD serves as an antioxidant and a shield against oxidative stress. Research has also found antioxidant-rich marine phytoplankton supplementation to be particularly effective against oxidative stress and a slowing of the aging process on a molecular level.

This has led Greenfilled and its parent company, Fitoplancton Marino, to develop its groundbreaking ingredient TetraSOD®. “TetraSOD® is developed with maximum benefits and minimum environmental risk in mind,” explains Castaño, “We grow the plankton on land in special facilities designed to maximize SOD production without harming the oceanic ecosystem in the process.”

The result of this innovative approach is a line of plankton-powered SOD supplements that target various things, from performance and energy to mental endurance. However, the core benefit of each product is that they provide cellular antioxidant support that contributes to a healthy aging lifestyle and a higher overall quality of life. “Who would have thought the fountain of youth was in the ocean all along?” observes Castaño with a laugh. It’s a sentiment that countless Greenfilled customers across the globe (now including the U.S.) heartily agree with.

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Greenfilled is a health and wellness brand founded by the Spain-based Marine Biotech Company Fitoplancton Marino. The parent company’s mission is to research, develop, and supply microalgae-based products that improve health and quality of life. Greenfilled is a manifestation of this mission, with the brand’s supplements utilizing sustainably farmed, high-quality phytoplankton that delivers robust levels of the antioxidant enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) through its flagship ingredient TetraSOD®. Greenfilled products help with many health concerns, including rest, recovery, energy levels, and cognitive clarity. Learn more at

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