Going Green May Help You Lose Weight, Drop Body Fat and Improve Your Life As Well As the Planet!

BUFFALO, N.Y., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Going Green is certainly better for the planet, but can it help individuals with their health and fitness goals? Strength Genesis founder Derek Alessi Ph.D. believes so. In fact, that is the reason why he has created a different kind of sports supplement/specialty foods company, Strength Genesis.

Sports supplements is a huge $200 billion dollar a year industry and continues to grow. The problem is that it is all packaged in non-biodegradable plastics and mylar. Think of empty vitamin pill bottles and plastic protein tubs littering the landscape. It’s driven by standardized packaging and shipping economics.  

Sadly, the impact is bad for the health of the planet and for the health of individuals. The studies have shown and it is clear that going green is better for the planet. It improves the quality of sea life, wildlife, drinking water, soil and climate. It is also clear that increased plastics are detrimental inside the body as well. 

Derek Alessi states: It had always bothered me that sports supplements were in huge containers of plastic tubs or in plastic mylar bags. These supplement receptacles are disastrous for your health. It has been known for years that plastic bottles containing BPA & BPS are far from safe.

Dangers can include:

  • Increased estrogen which can result in increased body fat and increased risk of certain cancers
  • Increased body fat and obesity
  • Decreased fertility which can affect both genders
  • Increased risk of thyroid disorder

Alessi continues: I have been working with individuals for 27-years at Dr. Derek Health & Fitness helping them to lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and improve the quality of their lives. What you put into your body matters – a lot. The best practice for increased health is to decrease plastics and toxins within your body.

At Strength Genesis, all of their products are ethically sourced from the highest quality of natural ingredients: New Zealand Grass Fed Protein, Icelandic Cold-processed Omega-3 Fish Oil, Delicious Living’s award winning 100% Australian Cold-pressed Macadamia Nut Oil and more. Then, all products are packaged in either glass or metal containers. They have eliminated the use of unnecessary styrofoam, mylar, and plastic in their containers, shipper boxes, and master cartons.

Lastly, Alessi states: Why not improve your health and the health of the planet – at the same time?

Better for your body and better for the planet.


Strength Genesis is a Sports Supplement eCommerce retailer founded in 2017 and is owned by parent company Live It Fit LLC. Strength Genesis is best known for their Award winning 100% Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Cold-processed Fish Oil and New Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein. Strength Genesis™ is committed to providing products and packaging that are both good for people and the planet. 

Media Contact:
Derek Alessi Ph.D. – Founder, President
Strength Genesis
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SOURCE Strength Genesis

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