Go-Lacta® Is Setting the Gold Standard for Moringa Superfood Products

The Veteran Health and Wellness Brand Has a Well-Established Reputation for Its High Quality and Even Higher Standards

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Go-Lacta was the first international company to bring Moringa to the U.S. a decade and a half ago. Go-Lacta® by Sugarpod Naturals is a proudly female-owned company and was the first to introduce Moringa (Malunggay) as a natural galactagogue to the USA breastfeeding community over 15 years ago!

The health and wellness brand has spent the intervening time establishing a solid customer base that is focused on tapping into the health benefits of one natural source of nutrients above all else: Moringa.

The Moringa Oleifera plant (also known as the "drumstick tree") is known for its powerful benefits as a superfood. Moringa has an impressive nutritional profile: 90 nutrients, 46 different antioxidants, and all nine essential amino acids. Along with this potent nutritional value, it is also thought to lower blood sugar and reduce both inflammation and cholesterol levels.

Moringa leaves are also well known for their ability to help with lactation — i.e. to boost mom’s milk supply. The Sugarpod Naturals’ founding team noticed a clear gap to this end in the U.S. lactation world, where new mothers were in sore need of organic products created to boost milk supply naturally, and so the journey to creating Go-Lacta began. The desire to fill this need became a core benefit and inspiration behind Sugarpod Naturals, and the brand zeroed in on this niche as it developed each new product of its popular Go-Lacta catalog.

Go-Lacta products are naturally and thoughtfully designed to be safe enough for use both pre- and post-natal. Go-Lacta offers a catalog of formulations (each with the same single ingredient) each for use based on preference. This includes capsules, powdered packets, and tea bags — all of which tap into the incredible natural power of Moringa leaves.

Go-Lacta founder and CEO, Angela Veloso, launched her company with the specific goal of utilizing premium Moringa leaf powder grown in her home country of the Philippines. The Philippines has one of the best Moringa varieties in the world and yields higher quality products with organoleptic properties thanks to its volcanic soil. Veloso grew up on Moringa — or Malunggay, as it’s called in by Filipinos who also referred to the plant as "Mother Nature’s gift to women." The founder was aware of Moringa’s usefulness as a health booster and lactation agent from a young age. Once she became a mother of three, Veloso decided that she had to share Moringa with the world, which she proceeded to do through her innovative health and wellness brand.

"Breastfeeding can be tough," Veloso explains, "and not all moms make it as far as they want. It is my goal to support moms (both pre- and post-natal) by giving them a clean product they can trust as all-natural! We want to give moms the opportunity to use Mother Nature’s gift (Moringa leaf) to breastfeed their little ones." The founder adds that she wants to enable mothers to do this while avoiding prescription drugs and the unfortunate side effects that they can have for mothers and their babies. "We want to support pregnant women and mothers with newborns throughout their breastfeeding journey," the founder adds.

With this important goal in mind, Veloso and her team at Go-Lacta have gone above and beyond to ensure that all of their products meet the highest standards & needs of mothers and their babies. Go-Lacta products only use leaves from the Moringa plant — a critical factor, as other brands use other parts of the plant as filler, which can be dangerous if consumed while pregnant.

Go-Lacta’s Moringa is also exclusively harvested from the world’s premium Malunggay farms in the Philippines. These are located in rural areas free from highways, toxic waste, pollution, and other harmful elements. They also benefit, as mentioned, from fertile volcanic soil, and produce high-quality Moringa leaves that are washed, encapsulated, and packaged within hours of being harvested.

Each batch of Go-Lacta’s Moringa is also tested to protect against the introduction of any microbial, pesticide, or heavy metal elements. The end result is a lactation-boosting health and wellness product that is 100% vegan, natural, organic, and plant-based.

While Go-Lacta is naturally viewed (and marketed) as a breastfeeding brand, its owner also emphasizes that the benefits of Moringa are available to everyone. Families, fathers, grandparents, and even friends can tap into the incredible power of Moringa, and they can do so safely and effectively by using the brand that is setting the gold standard for Moringa production: Go-Lacta.

About Go-Lacta: The Go-Lacta brand operates under its parent company Sugarpod Naturals. The entire operation was launched 15 years ago, in 2007, and continues to be owned and operated by its founder, Angela Veloso. Both the brand and parent company focus on a shared vision of providing natural health solutions — primarily through the superfood Moringa Oleifera —  to help mothers and their families stay healthy without the need for prescription drugs. Learn more about Go-Lacta at golacta.com.

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