Give the Gift of Quietude This Father’s Day with QuietOn 3, World’s Smallest Active Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Specifically Designed to Improve Sleep Quality

OULU, Finland, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Parenting can be tiring, and a restful night can be hard to come by for new fathers. Between toys rattling, appliances humming, and TVs playing, it’s rare to find a quiet moment – an essential for a good night’s sleep. This Father’s Day, Finnish tech innovator QuietOn is offering its QuietOn 3 earbuds as the perfect gift to help fathers enjoy a good night’s sleep, or mid-day nap, through calm and quietude.

QuietOn 3 is the only product on the market that boasts a breakthrough combination of industry-leading ANC technology and a form-factor so small that it fits entirely within one’s ears. The launch of the earbuds reinforces company’s mission to optimize human performance through improved sleep.

Whether it’s playing tag, cheering from the sidelines or reading a bedtime story, fathers want to feel their best while enjoying every moment with their children. Even more, a restful sleep provides the groundwork for a productive day focusing on work, going to the gym and any other personal hobbies.

"It’s essential for all busy parents to prioritize sleep in order to feel rejuvenated every morning," said QuietOn CEO Jussi Lemiläinen. "With QuietOn 3, fathers can experience pure quietude paired with superior comfort for a good night’s sleep, which is something white noise machines or foam earplugs can’t always provide."

QuietOn 3 is the world’s smallest active noise cancelling earbud that significantly reduces low-frequency noise to deliver Nordic calm and quietude regardless of one’s sleeping environment. The earbuds are the first earbuds small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, making them the only active noise cancelling (ANC) sleep solution that is comfortable enough for everyone, including side sleepers.

In addition to the typical noises common in a family household like children playing, handheld electronics and the occasional toy dropping to the floor, some other noises that interrupt sleep are low-frequency sounds from heating systems, appliances, traffic and snoring. QuietOn 3’s ANC technology eliminates these ambient sounds by automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify the low frequencies, resulting in a much quieter and more peaceful environment for sleep.

"QuietOn 3 can be used whenever a parent has time to rest, whether that’s a full-night’s sleep or even a quick nap during the day," added Lemiläinen. "For daytime sleeping, the ANC technology can work to eliminate noise through the walls, perfect for when a partner is tending to children in another room."

QuietOn 3’s tiny size can be traced to QuietOn 3’s sleep-focused design, which eliminates the need for transmitters, receivers and other components typically found in music earbuds. The lack of these audio-specific components also enables operation with zero electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

To ensure maximum comfort, each pair of QuietOn 3 comes with four sizes of eartips. With no wireless setup or connectivity required, and automatic charging in the included case, QuietOn 3 earbuds are always ready to pop in and provide more restful sleep.

The QuietOn 3 earbuds charge in the included carrying case, which contains its own battery to guarantee a full-charge at all times. A single charge provides 28 hours of use, so the earbuds have the power to last several nights.

"High-quality sleep is becoming an essential factor as parents make efforts to improve their general health and well-being," Lemiläinen concluded. "We look forward to providing fathers with the first step to a restful sleep – quietude."

To learn more about this innovative sleep aid, visit here. For the press kit, click here.

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QuietOn Oy is based in the Arctic city of Oulu, Finland (famed as the seat of technology innovation in Finland) and is the acclaimed developer of the world´s smallest active noise cancelling earbuds designed expressly to create silence and enhance sleep. Combining Nordic designs for ease-of-use with the most advanced technology to ensure quietude, QuietOn products are designed to introduce the Finnish sensibilities of peace and tranquility into everyone’s lives. Tens of thousands of grateful customers in more than 120 countries rely on QuietOn products to deliver serenity in a world of sounds. Learn more at

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