GIOSTAR Chicago Explores Holistic Healing with Chopra Global Chief Medical Officer

CHICAGO, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GIOSTAR Chicago – a leader in regenerative technologies – recently conducted a discussion on holistic healing with Dr. Sheila Patel. The conversation was led by Shelly Sood, GIOSTAR Chicago Founding Partner. Dr. Patel is a board-certified family physician and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Chopra Global – "a modern healthcare company positioned at the intersection of science and spirituality," founded by renowned healthcare expert Dr. Deepak Chopra. The full interview is available on the GIOSTAR Chicago Website, with an accompanying transcript.

Dr. Patel and Ms. Sood spoke on a variety of topics, including the following:

Evolution of Ayurveda in healthcare. Chopra Global is largely rooted in Ayurveda, a discipline of medicine designed to "create health in body, mind, and spirit using a holistic approach by emphasizing diet, daily routine, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, and deep breathing." Having originated in India over 5,000 years ago, it has become increasingly popular in the United States as a complement to surgery, medication, and other conventional treatment modalities.

Patel noted that her approach to healthcare is better described as "integrative" than "alternative," as it supplements (versus replaces) Western medicine with tenets of this ancient medical tradition. Despite skepticism from some clinicians and researchers, the practice has gained adoption due to increasing scientific evidence about its benefits. Patel alluded specifically to one study conducted by Chopra Global about the positive impact of meditation on telomeres (the "caps" of strands of DNA), which is a marker for healthy aging.

The Longevity Experiment. The United States Census Bureau projects that the proportion of Americans aged 65 and older will nearly double, from 11.3% in 1980 to 20.4% in 2040. In this context, a focus on aging is essential. Patel spoke about a new Chopra Foundation initiative called the Longevity Experiment, which focuses on "aging in a healthy joyful way, using Ayurvedic foundations to help prevent cellular damage, inflammation, and chronic disease." 

How genes factor into healing. Patel and Sood discussed the recent scientific understanding that less than 5% of disease-related mutations guarantee disease when inherited. The implication is that patients can largely control their disease risk for 95% of the other genes through lifestyle practices such as yoga, meditation, balanced nutrition, deep breathing, and other practices championed by Chopra Global. Patel noted that these sound lifestyle choices provide the human body with "light dimmer switches" to regulate gene expression, prevent chronic inflammation, and encourage healthy aging.

Tips on getting started. Patel touched on the numerous resources Chopra Global offers to individuals seeking to begin their journey of holistic healing. She discussed an online quiz to help guide Ayurvedic practices, the Chopra app, wellness retreats, webinars, and certification programs. More generally, she noted that practitioners should start slow, by gradually introducing new practices into their lifestyle, and focusing on deep breathing and meditation first. "You can shift your nervous system dramatically with just 10 minutes [of deep breathing] a day," she noted. "So scroll 10 minutes less on Instagram or Facebook; that goes a long way."

About GIOSTAR Chicago

GIOSTAR Chicago is supported with scientific know-how by GIOSTAR, a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine for sports injuries and other degenerative conditions. The Institute’s advanced techniques and protocols have been extensively researched and developed by Dr. Anand Srivastava and GIOSTAR’s leading scientists for more than 25 years.

About Chopra Global

Chopra Global is a leading integrative health company that is empowering personal transformation for millions of people globally to expand our collective well-being. Anchored by the life’s practice and research of Dr. Deepak Chopra, a pioneer in integrative medicine, Chopra Global’s signature programs have been proven to improve overall well-being through a focus on physical, mental, and spiritual health. By providing tools, guidance and community, Chopra aims to advance a culture of well-being and make a healthy, peaceful, and joyful life accessible to all.

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