Gelpro’s Collagen Supplements Cultivate Inner Beauty

For the Team Behind the Australian Health and Wellness Brand Beauty Starts From Within

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The team at Gelpro believes health isn’t just about addressing a specific symptom or health concern. It comes from holistic prevention and health maintenance. This can have a practical effect, such as using a quality collagen supplement to maintain joint health over time. It can also have a powerful effect on maintaining a youthful, vibrant look as an individual ages.

“Beauty starts from within,” says company CEO and co-founder Nagib Kassis. “All of our products are made with a deep sense of providing genuine, natural, holistic tools to help our customers maintain their beauty on a deep level. On a cellular level.”

Gelpro has a wide range of food-based natural supplements. However, its core product line started with and continues to center on collagen. Cleveland Clinic defines collagen as “the primary building block of your body’s skin, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments and other connective tissues.” The health organization adds that collagen helps with key functions, such as replacing dead skin cells and giving strength, elasticity, and structure to the skin.

This is what inspired Gelpro’s focus on inner beauty, using collagen supplements to enhance health on a cellular level from the inside out. The brand offers clean collagen exclusively sourced from Australian and New Zealand bovine hides. It has also developed marine and porcine alternatives. All of these collagens have been optimized for bioavailability through the brand’s revolutionary microactive collagen peptides (which reduce the collagen to extremely small sizes for maximum uptake).

Gelpro also offers key supporting nutraceuticals. Its Raw Native C, for instance, offers a punchy whole-food blend of vitamin C — which can foster organic collagen production in the body. The brand’s organ meat supplements are nutrient-dense and support immunity, cognitive function, and other key physiological activities.

From clean collagen to beef liver, vitamin C to MCT oil, seaweed to mushrooms, Gelpro is equipping its audience with top-shelf natural, food-based supplements that cultivate inner beauty. “We are glad to be part of your wellness journey,” Kassis concludes, “This starts with giving the body the basic nutrients it needs to function on a high level. We are continuously expanding our range and adjusting our business activities to meet the ever-changing components of self-care so that our customers can count on cultivating inner beauty every time they open a Gelpro product.”

About Gelpro Australia
Gelpro Australia™ Pty Ltd is a family-run Australian health and wellness company that operates with a holistic approach to health and sustainability at the forefront of its brand philosophy. The company was founded by two brothers-in-law in 2014 after they individually went through their own health challenges and discovered the healing capabilities of natural, high-quality health solutions rooted in ancestral wisdom. Since its inception, Gelpro has become known for its robust line of top-shelf collagens and whole food-based supplements. The brand is recognized as a health and wellness market leader and educator in the Land Down Under. Learn more at

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