GAMMA BrainLuxuryTM Named Most Innovative New Supplement Product by News7Health

News7Health has named BrainLuxury’s premier GAMMA focus optimization supplement product the most innovative supplement in its class for the fourth quarter of 2022. In an industry overloaded with too many caffeine-infused “focus and alertness” products, GAMMA is truly exceptional in terms of its mechanism of action and its bioavailability.

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gerald Thompson, News Editor for News7Health Corp. announced this morning that BrainLuxury, a particularly entrepreneurial and innovative provider of nutritional supplement products for both deeper restorative sleep and enhanced wakeful focus has been named the best in class for its GAMMA BrainLuxury formulation. This determination is based upon highly favorable consumer reviews and comparable product research conducted by News7Health.

The total consumer market for brain health-centered supplements and nootropics worldwide is currently at $8.30 billion and is expected to surge past $16.5 billion by 2030 as consumer awareness of the potential health benefits and advantages of these formulations increases fueled by a burgeoning interest in biohacking and the human potential movement with a growing social emphasis on optimizing performance in all aspects of living, but, in particular, in careers and the workplace – even if that workplace happens to be at home. The industry for these performance enhancing preparations is comprised of a large number of brands and companies of varying sizes and is highly competitive, with each participant striving to increase its market share.

Unlike the majority of products in the marketplace which rely upon a traditional caffeine-based recipe to induce a state of wakefulness and awareness which leads to focus, BrainLuxury’s unique non-jittery and science-supported GAMMA formula has been created with an emphasis on increased cognitive neuroactivity, as opposed to the typical generalized central nervous system (CNS) stimulation produced by the competitive products which currently dominate the marketplace. These other products invariably cause consumers to experience the jitters and nausea. In addition, the beneficial effects of these latter products tend to be quite short-lived, leading to repeated dosing, which is unhealthy on a variety of fronts.

The GAMMA product, which is in a highly bioactive liquid form, contains the active ingredients phenylalanine, tryptophan, resveratrol, essential oils, and natural vitamins to help stimulate the brain’s neuroplasticity and to increase cognitive functioning and mental performance throughout the entire day.

“At News7Health, we are giving consumers the best information regarding health and nutritional supplement products,” stated Thompson, “and we will be coming out with more product and company comparisons and ratings during this last quarter of 2022 so that readers can get the information that they need about high-growth prospect companies to watch and the best brands and products to buy. GAMMA BrainLuxury is a perfect example.”  


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