From National Champion Archer to Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Entrepreneur, Laura Wilson Expands NATURAL PILATES on the West Coast and Introduces a New Studio to the East Coast

Expansion Includes New Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA and New York City – Soho

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Laura Wilson is one of the most sought-after fitness experts in the country who specializes in Pilates. In 2005 she launched Natural Pilates with a studio in Beverly Hills and for 10 years grew her clientele, eventually expanding to additional locations in Brentwood (2017) and West Hollywood (2019). Today, Wilson announces the opening of two more studios, one in Sherman Oaks, a Los Angeles neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley and the other in SoHo, a New York City neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. The East coast location will be the first for the brand outside of the Southern California area.

The Natural Pilates training method is a form-focused athletic approach to classical Pilates helping clients to increase strength, improve flexibility, and gain mindfulness. Reformer classes and private sessions are available at all locations, with Brentwood and West Hollywood offering outdoor options. Through Natural Pilates TV, access to Pilates can be anytime, anywhere with over 250+ mat/reformer workouts for every fitness level. Fitness props can be purchased from the online store and for those interested in taking their practice further, Natural Pilates offers a Teacher Training Program and educational workshops

Wilson’s success has been one of discipline and focus that began in her native country of Romania where she grew up a gymnast, dancer and member of Romania’s National Archery team winning two national titles. As a young, outstanding athlete, Wilson always displayed an affinity for discipline and setting high goals for herself.  While attending college in Romania, Wilson worked in cosmetology and applied for an inter-exchange student program where she would travel to the U.S and work for three months. Wilson was accepted and arrived in America in 2002 at the age of 21 with $100 in her pocket. Taking notice of the lifestyle and opportunities presented to her, she decided to stay and apply for college classes in Los Angeles. Wilson took a job as a massage therapist and began learning about healing and the physical body. Soon after, she discovered the movement of Pilates and viewed it as the perfect fit for strengthening, stretching, and healing the body, and decided this was the career she wanted.

It is through humble beginnings that Wilson established a Pilates empire in both Los Angeles and online. She was able to fully self-finance the first studio and then eventually the others followed. In the pandemic, Wilson safely maneuvered her business and clientele by moving two studios outdoors, revising programming schedules, setting up Zoom classes & sending goodie bags of props (bands, weights, fitness circles, etc.) to attendees while not having to lay off any staff.  At the same time the shutdown was happening, Wilson immediately launched Natural Pilates TV, an online subscription that provides workout routines even when livestream class times may not fit a person’s schedule.  She even decided to sell all the reformers from the studio to clients for their workouts.  Like so many business owners, Wilson was doing it all…. filming, editing, creating class content, and constantly reinventing her spaces to keep everyone safe.

It is through Wilson’s numerous certifications (Stott Pilates-2005, Gyrotonic-2008, Vinyasa Yoga-2011, Resistance Training Specialist and Muscle Activation Technique Specialist-2012), training and extensive knowledge of the body that enables her to provide the most comprehensive workouts tailored to each person’s individual needs. Together with her team, Wilson trains teens, adults, and even active seniors as well as athletes and anyone recovering from injuries.

Both Natural Pilates-Sherman Oaks (15222 Ventura Boulevard) and Natural Pilates-SoHo (206 Spring Street) are scheduled to open September 2022. For more information on studio openings classes, the brand, etc. please visit

About Natural Pilates

Natural Pilates was founded in 2005 by Laura Wilson, a national champion archer from Romania who moved to Los Angeles and discovered Pilates while working as a massage therapist. She found it to be the perfect combination of mental focus and strength training while helping people to feel better.  The brand features Pilates on Demand, teacher training programs and studio classes and private sessions in the Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks areas of Southern California in addition to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.   Natural Pilates’ training method is a form-focused athletic approach to classical Pilates helping clients to increase strength, improve flexibility and gain mindfulness.

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