From a 9-5 as an Electrician to Engineering a £15m Valued Fitness Business

NEW YORK, Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FITFCK, the leading fitness dating brand, welcomes investment from champion powerlifter, Nathaniel Massiah, at a £15m company valuation. The A Round investment was sparked by an introduction from electrician turned fitness content creator, Callum Roberts.

9-5 electrician of 4 years, Callum Roberts, knew he wanted to make a change. His flair for sales sparked a transition towards online sales coaching, which he teamed with fitness content creation – leading him to FITFCK.

Roberts, who is now a key figure in FITFCK, has since left his 9-5 behind. Callum’s involvement has been pivotal in FITFCK’s recent investment raise. Through Robert’s introduction, FITFCK welcomed their first significant A Round investor, Nathaniel Massiah.

At just 21 years old, Massiah is a content creator (500,000+ followers), an online coach and a sponsored athlete by two of the fitness industry giants. He also recently won the Junior European Powerlifting Championship.

Nathaniel commented: “I’m very impressed with FITFCK’s community growth. The concept of connecting like-minded gym lovers is something we can all relate to. I cannot wait to see what we can achieve together.”

Roberts added, “Nathaniel’s story is extremely motivating. From gym newcomer, to creator, to European weightlifting champion, and now investor, is incredible. I’m proud to share this journey with him & FITFCK!”

This collaboration builds upon the success of FITFCK’s previous high-profile investment from OnlyFans founder, Tim Stokely, who invested at a £3m valuation. Massiah’s investment at a 5x valuation is testament to FITFCK’s exponential growth.

Described as “The 2023 fitness brand to watch out for″ by, FITFCK will use the funding to support USA expansion. A 2023 survey reported 46% of Gen-Z USA singles went on fitness related first dates, highlighting a growing demand for FITFCK’s niche, which offers both online/offline dating.

FITFCK is not shying away from the ‘creator economy’, which shows no sign of slowing down. ‘2024 Influencer Trends’ reported it will be worth £398bn by 2027.

Founder, Wykes-Hobday is excited to welcome more creators into their team, saying: “Creators will play an integral part of our growth. I’m so grateful to already have such a solid group of creators on board and cannot wait to see what is next for us.”

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