Fresh Fish Oil Is Still the Best Solution for a Clean Taste and Smell

Amidst Efforts to Process Fish Oil Supplements Without the Fishy Taste, Arctic Blue’s Approach Remains the Most Effective: Keep the Oil Fresh

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind the popular fish oil brand Arctic Blue understands that fish oil is infamous for its fishy taste. The unpleasant odor and unpalatable aftertaste make taking fish oil supplements a struggle for adults and children alike. While most people associate the “fishy” taste of fish oil with the sea creature itself, the truth is that the smell, taste, and burpy aroma that follows each dose has more to do with quality than with ingredients.

“Omega-3s are sensitive unsaturated fats, and they can become damaged during traditional processing,” says Arctic Blue founder Ludo van de Wiel. Many seek out liquid fish oil as a fresher option to capsules. And yet, regardless of whether the oil is taken in liquid or encapsulated form, high oxidation between harvesting and consuming the product remains an issue.

“There have been ‘breakthroughs’ in processing in recent years that improve taste and quality,” Van de Wiel adds, “but the thought of processing fish oils even more or in new ways to avoid that nasty consumer experience is going in the wrong direction. For us, the solution is simple, straightforward, and involves minimal tampering with natural health benefits. You have to source and collect your ingredients the right way, and everything else takes care of itself from there.”

Most of Arctic Blue’s fish oil is harvested from Arctic wild cod. This gives it several unique beneficial properties. Cod from the pristine waters of the Arctic Circle live far from more heavily polluted areas of the Earth’s oceans. In addition, the oil is processed from filet trimmings and liver right on the boat. This ensures maximum freshness, creating a fish oil with a softer mouthfeel and remarkably neutral taste.

The result is a product that is easy for all ages to consume. At the same time, it stores well and maintains its optimized health benefits for a long time — all without the need for excessive intervention or processing. Van de Wiel and his team contend that this fresh oil approach remains the best solution for those looking for a clean, pleasant fish oil supplement experience.

About Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue is a Dutch brand that was created in 2015 by Ludo van de Wiel and operates out of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The founder and CEO is a fish oil expert with a master’s degree in biotechnology from the renowned Dutch Wageningen University (an elite institution that focuses on health, nutrition, and agricultural studies). As a father of three, Van de Wiel wished to find a clean fish oil that could nourish his family without everyone struggling to swallow it in the first place. Arctic Blue is the realization of that wish. The brand’s fish oils have an agreeable flavor profile and are sourced from the Arctic (Norway and Alaska) along with algae-based vegan alternatives, marine collagen, and other related products. Learn more at

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