Founder of Liquid Sculpt Is Forging Change by Encouraging Her Community to Embrace Equity

NEW YORK, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of International Women’s Day, renowned body expert Anna Diamantakos advocates for equity and diversity, emphasizing that these should be integral in every organization’s infrastructure. The founder of Liquid Sculpt believes that everyone is an equal contributor. By promoting equality and inclusion, members feel they’re part of the growth of the business. Diamantakos commits to uplifting and embracing her team members on every level by welcoming new ideas and perspectives, keeping everyone educated about diversity, and allowing members to showcase their individuality.

For Diamantakos, leading by example is crucial to becoming an effective leader. The rapid growth of her brand helped her adapt and pivot to meet the rising demand for her first-rate services, with high-profile VIPs and celebrities adding to her growing list of clients. This evolution came with challenges, but it only strengthened her resolve to keep her established work ethic. Her secret sauce to ensuring a safe and happy work environment is allowing her team the freedom and autonomy to work in their own setting. “I have set an environment where micromanaging is non-existent. As a result, we’re always ready for new challenges as the business scales. We grow together and win together,” she reveals.

It is imperative to form a sense of belonging, inclusion, and safety, Diamantakos highlights. She created a culture of non-bias through regular team-building activities where members talk about each other’s cultures and viewpoints. “Value the people behind their ideas and experiences. It strengthens the team bond, thus increasing happiness and productivity,” Diamantakos says.          

For business leaders who want to inculcate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their company’s culture, Diamantakos suggests preparing a plan in advance. “Keep doing the work to implement and maintain it. It’s a commitment from everyone, every day,” she remarks. A culture where members feel like they belong brings out the best in everyone, inspiring progress, harmony, and transformation.

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