Former ER Doctor Discovers Life-changing Procedure to Eliminate All Toxins from the Body

Patent Pending PlasmaXchange™ Procedure Proven to Work on 50 Adults Over 60-Years-Old

CHICAGO, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s face it… we live in a toxic environment and everyone is looking for the answer on how to survive. Dr. Paul Savage, founder and CEO of MDLifespan, has come out of retirement to get back to work offering an immediate solution. Dr. Savage is a Board Certified, former ER physician who now uses precision medicine with traditional practices.

“Medicine is spending time with your patient, getting to know the person, as well as their situation, exploring all avenues of advanced testing and solutions.” – Dr. Paul Savage

Based on research and studies, Dr. Savage is focused on the causes of chronic illnesses and how they affect aging. Cancers, chronic inflammation, cognitive decline, hormone deficiencies, genetics, heart disease, microbiome dysbiosis, metabolic changes, immune disfunction, toxicity, oxidative stress and nutritional failure are the main culprits. The process to address these issues begin with advanced testing methods to identify the patients’ exact problem area(s).

“Toxins do more than just lurk in our systems; they actively block hormone receptors. This blockade leads to inflammation and, notably, sexual dysfunction. An eye-opening discussion unfolds on the intricate relationship between the toxins we absorb and the hormonal disturbances that follow.” – Dr. Paul Savage

Toxins are everywhere, from the plastic water bottles we drink from to the air we breathe. Dr. Savage explains that with over 144,000 human-made toxins present in our environment, it’s almost impossible to escape their grasp. The stats are startling – patients carry a burden of as few as three toxins to as many as 33 in the high critical range. Among the top culprits are Glyphosate, Lead, BPA, Mercury, and Arsenic. Dr. Savage articulates the link between these toxins and a range of health issues, emphasizing their pervasive nature and the underlying need for awareness and action.

The solution is located in Bucktown, MDLifespan is located at 2400 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL. Patients are encouraged to start by ordering a Toxin Test & Talk (all completely virtual), to evaluate their toxin-load, then based off those results they can decide which PlasmaXchange package is right for them. At this time insurance doesn’t cover the cost, but Dr. Savage is confident one day this will be the mainstream way to rid the body of toxins aging and infecting the human body. There is a free resource for more information on toxins and how to remove them: Get MDL Clean.

About Dr. Paul Savage

At 37 years old, Dr. Paul Savage was a successful ER/trauma physician. But he was unhealthy, weighed 270 pounds, smoked cigarettes, was tired, anxious, and unwell, and had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and stress. Rejecting the conventional approach of more medications, his curiosity and determination led him to explore various treatments and lifestyle changes—and transform his life and career through precision medicine. Twenty-five years later, he’s an advocate for combining traditional and integrative medicine, focusing on an evidence-based approach that treats patients as partners. Dr. Savage embraces a continuous pursuit of knowledge and integration of the latest medical advancements into his practice, with several board certifications, including certifications from the Stem Cell Fellowship, Integrative Metabolic Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Savage is now the founder and CEO of MDLifespan. His latest endeavor of the patented PlasmaXchange™ protocol is the culmination of years of expertise — it’s poised to be the defining moment of his career, a transformative movement that will reshape the future of medicine as we know it.


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