For Natural Health Brand PLAMECA, Speed and Efficacy of Natural Supplements Are Essential

The Health Brand Has Invested in Developing Strong, Fast-Acting Natural Formulas for Its Supplements — With Minimal Side Effects

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Strong synthetic drugs are popular largely due to their strong, fast-acting effect. They often kick in quickly and create robust, measurable results. However, this comes at a cost.

NSAIDs, for instance, can lead to dizziness, headaches, and even extreme symptoms, such as strokes or heart failure. Libido-enhancing drugs can upset the stomach, create back pain, and even lead to hearing or vision loss. Laxatives can lead to thirst, bloating, rectal bleeding, and even dependency.

The list goes on. Any time strong drugs are involved in a prescription, it opens the doors to significant side effects. This was a major motivation behind developing the health brand PLAMECA’s line of natural supplements.

“A major motivation for developing our formulas was to create effective, scientifically supported combinations of natural ingredients that had a quick effect,” says the brand’s managing director Óscar Fernández. “Each of our formulas uses natural compounds to create efficacious solutions for real-world issues. The best part is that, by using natural substances, our supplements are safe and have minimal side effects, especially compared to stronger medications.”

Fernández uses PLAMECA’s natural laxative, QUICKISEN, as an example. “QUICKISEN combines senna extract, FOS, and plum juice in a simple formula that can quickly restore the function of the intestinal tract,” he says. “It really works, too. The vast majority of our customers report an improvement in symptoms within two days.”

There are many health concerns that modern consumers face. However, for Fernández and the PLAMECA team, it is always a tragedy when they exchange an old issue for a new symptom. PLAMECA’s wide range of natural supplements — which are in the process of entering the US marketplace — offer a similar level of symptom relief without the concern of creating new health concerns along the way. This allows PLAMECA supplements to genuinely solve health problems and positively contribute to the daily pursuit of health, happiness, and higher quality of life.

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PLAMECA is a phytotherapy company founded in 1984 with the initial intention of providing medicinal herbs and plants — which it did for 1,500 retailers across the Spanish geography. In 1994, PLAMECA expanded to manufacture its own food supplements, creating a range of products using herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Currently, PLAMECA products are manufactured in modern facilities using up-to-date scientific methods and are sold in 33 countries. The company has also invested $11 million in an aggressive plan to expand its health and wellness focus over the next five years. Learn more at

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