Fitness Wealth & JunBugg Luxury Fitness Social Network: A Wall Street Bonanza

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A true unicorn, JunBugg© is the first luxury fitness social network and lifestyle brand for the social media industry. Through its boutique fitness solutions, JunBugg offers a unique, social fitness experience that engage luxury consumers in a way that’s never been done before. It promotes a higher quality of life through its NextGen platform that use a computer algorithm and artificial intelligence (AI).

Uniquely positioned in the fitness and health industry, JunBugg created a new market that targets health-conscious consumers — GenZ and Millennials, who desire a better body, beauty, higher quality lifestyle, status, and distinction. More than just a fad, these luxury consumers want to experience the ultimate in fitness and wellness, Fitness Wealth.

Through social engagement, members of similar body-types and health conditions share fitness strategies and medical solutions, to achieve superior fitness results in least time. Rapid weight loss success is a major benefit. There are also exclusive mental health community groups, and private one-on-one chat that promote selfcare and mindfulness, equipping members with resources to better manage adversity, that optimize their mental health.

JunBugg use algorithms and AI that recommend effective fitness solutions to newsfeeds, a similar technology that has allowed — Netflix, Amazon, and Alibaba to be successful. Algorithms see patterns of successful fitness solutions, learns the most effective ones, and recommend them to newsfeeds. As solutions evolve and improve, the algorithm learns and thus recommend those. The bigger the social network grows, the more solutions that will be created, allowing the algorithm to curate more effective solutions. This leads to a higher quality of life.

For advertising, JunBugg allows luxury and entertainment brands to tap into new audiences that increase revenue. Luxury brands that can benefit from JunBugg range from — Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Mercedes, to the NBA, Live Nation, and Warner Bros. A JunBugg Business Page allows for maximum influence, engagement, and visibility. Luxury consumers have the opportunity to more effectively connect with global audiences and to present their story and offerings in a more impactful manner. See boutique fitness solutions —

About JunBugg — A fitness technology (FitTech) start-up, JunBugg is a premium, luxury fitness social network that offers best in class, boutique fitness solutions. Its NextGen algorithm and AI technology allow members to receive personalized fitness solutions to experience superior fitness for a higher quality of life.

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