fibr Launches, Bridging the Gap for Fitness Professionals and Employers

Launched by Neal Spruce and Industry Visionaries, fibr is a Revolutionary Platform for Fitness Enthusiasts, Professionals and Employers Seeking Solutions in the Field

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks the launch of fibr, the first-of-its-kind solution for health and fitness professionals, educational organizations, brands and employers to connect, engage and collaborate. The platform, which was developed by a visionary team with collectively over 100 years of experience building, owning and operating within the fitness industry and spearheaded by industry champion Neal Spruce, is the first centralized, cohesive space made exclusively for – and by – the fitness industry. Named after an abbreviation of "fit bridge," fibr is doing exactly that: bridging the gap within the fitness community.

"This marks the start of a new era in the fitness industry, for individuals and companies alike," said Neal Spruce. "We’re bringing a database of professionals, enthusiasts and employers together in one shared space to offer unparalleled connections, opportunities and offerings to industry powerhouses and newcomers. Whether an individual is seeking a social community of like-minded peers, or a national brand is in the process of hiring qualified and passionate trainers, fibr is the solution."

fibr will live up to its "fit bridge" namesake in five key ways, bridging the gap between members of the fitness community with true S.P.E.E.D.:

  • Social
    • fibr users can connect, share workouts, send messages and build their network, all while cutting through the noise of traditional social media platforms.
  • Profit
    • fibr provides fitness professionals with the resources needed to accelerate their careers and increase their earning potentials while simultaneously creating an ideal target consumer audience for leading brands to boost conversions.
  • Employment
    • fibr bridges the disconnect between candidates and employers, eliminating the "haystack" approach in talent acquisition. By delivering the most highly qualified and compatible candidates, fibr decreases recruiting expenses while increasing job placement and employee retention.
  • Education
    • fibr offers an unparalleled wealth of connections, highlighting credible, qualified education resources that professionals can utilize.
  • Discount
    • fibr provides users with access to exclusive discounts on their favorite gear, equipment, products and education all in one place.

Some of the industry’s largest and most well-known brands are already on board the platform, maximizing all that fibr has to offer and providing thousands of opportunities to users.

To create a profile and learn more about fibr’s upcoming initiatives, partnerships and offerings, visit or download the fibr app.

ABOUT fibr

fibr is the first and only platform for fitness professionals and employers to come together and engage with each other, offering social, profitable, professional, educational and financial benefits for members of the fitness community. Led by Neal Spruce and a visionary team with over 100 years of combined experience building, owning and operating thousands of the most successful fitness companies and brands in the world, fibr is an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts, professionals and employers looking for true solutions in the professional fitness field. Learn more at

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