Experienced FemTech Leaders Launch eLovu Health, A Digital Wellness Maternal Care Platform

Insight-driven care with a first-in-world mom’s digital marketplace

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Noel Pugh, JD/PhD, Women’s Health Executive, Dr. Santosh Pandipati, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician, and Kamal Gogineni, Digital Health serial entrepreneur, announce the launch of eLovu Health, a Digital Wellness Maternal Care Data Platform.

Despite spending over $100B annually, 49% of pregnant women in the United States forgo care due to barriers to access. Globally, the US ranks 55th in maternal mortality and 7th worst in preterm delivery rates. eLovu Health solves the most pressing gaps associated with preventable mortality and unfavorable outcomes for mothers and babies through real world data and equitable access.

“The lack of access to remote monitoring technologies and preventive health services results in gross inequities and unacceptable outcomes, 80% of which are preventable and can affect any mother at any time,” states Dr. Santosh Pandipati, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of eLovu Health, with 20+ years of clinical experience across 40,000+ patient encounters. “We subject mothers to a 90-year-old care model that is inadequate to deal with illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Our current healthcare delivery system prevents broad and rapid deployment of monitoring to detect and manage developing risks that provide critically needed insights to allow intervention to avoid bad outcomes.”

eLovu’s SaaS-based platform integrates with clinical practices and brings together leading maternal health technologies and workflows in one end-to-end care solution. This first-in-world guided digital marketplace offers remote monitoring, mental and sexual health, lactation, nutrition, physical and exercise therapy, doula and birthing support, and genetic and maternal-fetal predictive biomarker testing. The platform generates novel clinical insights and identifies emerging pathologies like preeclampsia, anxiety and depression well before traditional care models, through use of dynamic patient feedback, longitudinal biometric signals, and partner and environmental data. Supported with artificial intelligence, real-life navigators educate and guide expectant mothers while the platform curates recommendations uniquely personalized to mom. A dynamically updating pregnancy insight report empowers clinicians, elevating the standard of care.

“As a healthcare executive I watched clinicians burn out — desperate for tools, meaningful data and access to resources that drive patient wellness,” shares Noel Pugh, CEO and Co-Founder. “We’ve brought together leading experts in maternal health, digital wellness and commercialization to design a solution that wins. eLovu gives all moms access to a digital wellness blanket — a village of services and technologies — to hold her throughout her pregnancy and beyond. eLovu’s care model works with expectant mothers’ insurance coverage including Medicaid and digitally transforms brick and mortar clinical practices. Together, mom and baby’s longitudinal data will enable us to reimagine the delivery system.”

The platform curates diverse inputs to create a longitudinal data set with 1000+ anticipated endpoints. “eLovu is uniquely positioned to scale as a holistic solution with real-world insights,” says Kamal Gogineni, Co-Founder & Board Member at eLovu and serial health tech entrepreneur. “As we gain more real-world evidence, we believe the knowledgebase will help reduce maternal mortality and develop new decision support tools and predictive risk models that improve outcomes for moms and babies.”

About eLovu Health

eLovu’s digital wellness platform personalizes a mothers pregnancy journey from pre-conception through 2 years postpartum. The platform provides curated recommendations for maternal health services and patient monitoring technologies to support patients, inform clinicians, and reduce burdens on the healthcare system. For more information visit www.elovu.health.

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