Exer Launches Gait and Physio Mobile Apps to Expand AI-Powered Digital Health Platform

DENVER, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Exer Labs, an AI-powered digital health company committed to helping healthcare professionals leverage computer vision to modernize their assessments and treatment plans, has launched two new apps, Gait and Physio. Combined with previously launched apps Studio and Range of Motion, Exer now serves the needs of a diverse customer base as they upgrade their abilities to service the entire lifecycle of patients’ needs remotely and in-person.

Exer’s suite of applications is powered by a custom, next-generation AI that runs on any device with a 2D camera (phone, tablet, laptops, etc). The software identifies specific biomarkers on the human body which provides health professionals and their patients with real-time data and summary metrics during exercises and functional movements. An intuitive user interface promotes engagement, adherence, and better long-term outcomes. Users simply open the app on their device, point the camera at the subject, and Exer’s AI does the rest.

Exer Gait is a rapid assessment app for gathering accurate gait metrics that helps qualified health professionals identify at-risk individuals and assess progress over time. Gait was initially conceived to address a growing health crisis in senior housing facilities around the world for which the pandemic has made assessments challenging but increasingly important to keeping residents healthy. The applications for an affordable, easy-to-use gait analysis tool didn’t stop there, extending into workplace assessments, prosthetics, and professional athletics.

"Our Gait app is analysis made easy," said Exer Founder and CEO Zaw Thet. "Whether you serve aging communities or professional athletes, we can help you generate usable, actionable gait data quickly and cost-effectively."

Salus Physical Therapy, an industry leader providing physical therapy and rehabilitation services for senior living facilities throughout the United States, is one of the first customers using Gait. Having seen what was possible utilizing Exer’s motion intelligence software, the team at Salus provided valuable feedback and testing with Exer in clinical settings. The result, a simple tool that allows clinicians to take objective measurements that identify residents with an increased risk of adverse fall events and to provide feedback regarding progress.

"Approximately half of the 1.6 million assisted-living residents in the U.S. fall while walking each year and just a slight decrease in gait speed can indicate a nearly 400% increase in the likelihood of a fall," said Salus CEO Nick Hughes. "Using Exer’s Gait assessment app, our clinicians can identify potential problems before they happen and track progress over time. The measures we’ve taken to prevent falls, including Exer Gait, have helped us decrease the number of falls in our partner facilities by 60% this year."

Exer Physio is a digital physical therapy app that helps health professionals deliver high quality care both inside the clinic and remotely – dramatically extending their connection with patients.

"Physio has been in development for two years and addresses a broader set of exercises and movements than anything else we’ve released." said Thet. "By helping PT’s and physicians guide their patients through rehab in a more data-driven way and increasing the success of the rehab programs they offer, Physio fundamentally transforms the at-home physical therapy experience while making clinical visits more effective."

Following in-clinic visits, PTs typically prescribe a series of relevant exercises or movements for patients to do at home between visits, and these home exercise protocols (HEPs) are the backbone of recovery plans. Physio provides therapists with a direct, data-driven connection to patients throughout the period of care by delivering verifiable metrics on these at-home exercises. For patients, the app is assessing and correcting exercise form in real-time and automatically counting reps, giving them confidence that they are doing their recovery protocol correctly.

Inside Physio is an extensive library of more than 200 exercises from which a PT or physician can build their prescribed protocols – with more added each week. This motion library will eventually be opened up to customers, allowing them to add exercises or modifications that fit their needs.

Cascade Sports Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy, a practice in Lakewood, Colo., is one of the clinics utilizing Physio and reported rave reviews from clients and provider partners alike.

Physio has been an amazing addition to how we serve our patients and their rehabilitation needs," said Cascade Sports Founder Justin Dudley. "Each patient gets live form feedback, motivation and compliance tracking during home exercises. This allows our therapists to review progress with tangible and verifiable metrics to efficiently update the plan of care and maximize outcomes with each of our patients. It’s incredible."

Backed by top-tier venture capital and angel investors that include Signia Venture Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Morado Ventures, Oceans Ventures, and Operator Partners, Exer is committed to helping the world move, train and play better.

For more information on Exer’s suite of apps for digital physical therapy, gait analysis and more – and the technology that drives it all – visit https://www.exer.ai.

Press contact: Mark Jones, Agado Communications 

Press kit: https://exer.ai/presskit

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