Equi.Life and Therasage Organize the Largest Global Community Detox in History

Thousands Worldwide Unite to Ignite Health & Wellness Awareness In An Increasingly Toxic World 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –Equi.Life, one of the top Health & Wellness brands, founded by Dr. Stephen Cabral, in partnership with Therasage, a World Leader in Full Spectrum InfraRed devices, came together in January to organize tens of thousands of people globally to focus on their health & wellness by participating in a 7-Day Detox for the New Year. This worldwide effort enabled hundreds of thousands to hear the message of the importance for each of us to take control over our own health journey. This empowering initiative has helped people recognize that they can and must determine how best to chart their own course of health & wellness for themselves and their family. 

Equi.Life and Therasage, along with thousands of health advocates, influencers, health coaches, trainers, and doctors around the world, came together to organize their own Community Detoxes with their friends, family members, co-workers, clients, and patients. From Australia to Singapore to Western Europe to Canada and all around the United States, people shared the calling and organized their own 7-Day Detoxes throughout the month of January. Individual Community Detoxes ranged in size from 10 participants to thousands.

The 7-Day Detox, founded by Dr. Cabral, is a comprehensive, full body Functional Medicine detoxification system that gently eliminates harmful toxins while rebalancing the body at an underlying root cause level. In our modern world, we come in contact with thousands of chemicals, toxins, and pollutants on a daily basis. As they accumulate in our body, they can have a number of adverse effects on our health — from weight gain and fatigue to brain fog, bloating, and more. Benefits of the Dr. Cabral 7-Day Detox include:

  • Powerful anti-aging, weight loss, and wellness benefits
  • Helps to restore nutrient deficiencies while safely removing toxins
  • Provides complete nutritional support throughout the Detox

Equi.Life and Therasage teamed up to create the Global Community Detox to help people live a healthy self-sustaining lifestyle during these difficult and uncertain times. As Dr. Stephen Cabral emphasized, “With over 100,000 man-made toxins and chemicals in today’s world it’s more important than ever to care for our mind and body and completing a Functional Medicine Detox is the best first place to start.”

Robby Besner, Founder & CEO of Therasage added, “We are grateful for the opportunity to personally experience and share with our friends and community the profound shift you feel through Dr Cabral’s 7-Day Detox. Never before have so many people all over the globe united together to take their health into their own hands. Given the right tools and direction, each of us can achieve sustainable health and longevity. We look forward to supporting many of these worldwide community events, providing even more people the opportunity to connect and discover how easy it is to naturally change their body’s chemistry and feel more vibrant and energized.”

About Dr. Stephen Cabral & Equi.Life:

After more than 20 years in the natural health field, worldwide internships, dozens of certifications, and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, Dr. Cabral’s knowledge, experience, and compassion are at the top of his field.

His internships included studying, working, and living in clinics in India, Sri Lanka, China, Europe, and various practices in the US. This intimate setting allowed Dr. Cabral to talk in depth with the patients at these clinics and listen to their struggles and path to wellness. He also got to see firsthand the remarkable recoveries these people were making.

Dr. Cabral is the host of his top-rated podcast, “The Cabral Concept” with over 50 million downloads. Dr. Cabral has also appeared in every type of media outlet as a national health & wellness consultant, as well as a contributor to MTV, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, Maxim, SELF, NutritionData, Conde Nast, and many others. He has also authored and co-authored 4 books including his #1 International Best-Selling book, the “Rain Barrel Effect,” and has published over 1,100 articles.

Dr. Cabral is the Founder & CEO of Equi.Life, launched in 2018. Equi.Life is a health & wellness company that offers At-Home Lab Testing, Health Coaching with an IHP Certified Health Coach and offers over 125+ premium Nutritional Supplements & Protocols, including the Dr Cabral Detox. Dr. Cabral describes Equi.Life by saying, “We always put people above profits with our highest priority being our clients & customers. The Equi.Life Promise, Getting Better Together™, is one way that we bring that to life every day. Equi.Life is the top-rated and most trusted brand in Naturopathic, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine.” 

About Therasage: 

Therasage™  is a division of, and manufactured by, Wellness Products of America, and offers a line of at-home Full Spectrum InfraRed healing products, incorporating near and far InfraRed frequencies, grounding, all natural, non-toxic materials, and the most advanced remediation process to shield exposure to all of the harmful frequencies. Revolutionizing health practices in the comfort of your own home. Therasage™ – TheraFusion products are designed to penetrate deep into the body creating an increased relaxation feeling, lowering stress, decreasing inflammation and pain, and increasing blood circulation for optimal relief and healing. The Therasage™  Full Spectrum InfraRed technology is considered by many health experts to be the wave of the future for optimal health, wellness, performance, and longevity.

For more information, visit https://equi.life/ and https://therasage.com/.

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