Earthy Select Launches a New Line of Premium THCa Flower with High Potency AAA Strains

ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Established in 2018, Earthy Select has made a name for itself as a top supplier of exceptional hemp and THC products in North Carolina and is pleased to announce a new line of premium THCa flower products! Customers can now enjoy 8 indica and sativa strains, each boasting unparalleled quality and potency, and step up to the top shelf AAA strains, featuring the finest high-grade phenotypes.

Earthy Select’s high-THCa hemp flower is cultivated on family-owned farms and in state-of-the-art indoor facilities in California and Colorado. Utilizing unique genetics and organic practices, they’ve secured some of the most sought-after strains available today.

We have worked hard to find the best-in-class THCa flower that offers not only the highest quality but also the best in potency, smell, structure, and effects,” said an Earthy Select representative.

We only select the finest phenotypes available for our strains, ensuring you receive the most exquisite and exotic buds. Our strains boast complexity, rich terpene profiles, and 20%+ total cannabinoids. When you open the lid, a strong terpene fragrance fills the air, and the trichomes sparkle.

The commitment to producing high-quality cannabis goods using organic practices and proprietary genetics allows Earthy Select to ensure traceability from farm to shelf for full consumer satisfaction, while complying with the US Farm Bill and federal regulations.

Earthy Select is proud to offer its customers the highest quality and most potent THCa flower on the market. With eight strains available in 3.5g THCa flower Jars, THCa Pre-Rolls, and pure THCa Diamonds, we are confident that their products will provide users with a truly unparalleled experience.

We invite you to join us as we stand at the forefront of hemp’s new era!

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About Earthy Select
Earthy Select was founded in Asheville, NC, to bring the goodness of cannabis to the people and to further explore the emerging science around the many varieties of federally-compliant cannabinoids available for human benefit.

Our small homegrown team is dedicated to rigorous experimentation and development to create clean and pure consumer cannabis goods that we use and love ourselves.

Our customers keep coming back because our Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC, HHC, and THCa products are highly effective and crafted in a range of levels and potencies. The effects are scalable to what you want to feel.

Try our premium Flower, Gummies, Vape Pens, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Tinctures, Lozenges and More! We offer convenient nationwide shipping, and our friendly crew is standing by to send out your new favorites today!

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