Earth Baby® Focuses on Safety, Efficacy, and Impact

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Earth Baby® is a family care brand that has been developing health and hygiene products for the past 15 years. During that time, the company has created a catalog of popular products that serve a variety of purposes.

Its pH-balanced Shampoo + Bodywash and Moisturizing Lotion + are excellent options for bath time. Its Germ Buster Surface Mist + and Hand Sanitizer Gel + are ideal ways to stay healthy in a pandemic-prone environment. From soaps to sunscreen, aromatherapy sprays to sanitizer gels, Earth Baby® products are making a difference in the lives of families everywhere.

The tendency of Earth Baby® products to stand out from the competition (in a crowded marketplace, no less) comes from the company’s ability to focus on three major areas: safety, efficacy, and impact.

Earth Baby®’s commitment to safety goes all the way back to its founding. In the beginning, company founder, Florence Nacino, launched the brand when she saw the need for a product line that strictly adhered to using certified organic fruit- and vegetable-based ingredients.

These non-toxic, gentle options ensure safe application on a baby’s skin, hair, and body. While the organic gospel has become commonplace since then, Nacino’s initial push came at a time when "organic" was a little-known word — and it hasn’t wavered since that time.

When it comes to the efficacy of Earth Baby® products, the brand has spared no expense in getting the job done. Along with using safe ingredients, the company has invested in its high-performance Oleosphere® Technology delivery system.

These utilize Oleosomes (organic skin-softening oils and vitamins) that are derived from plant seeds through patented green processing. This unique delivery system improves moisturization and hydration of the skin. It also dramatically reduces the need for high levels of UV filters and protects against damaging free radicals that come from UV exposure. Oleosomes also come with a time-control release that continues to provide product benefits over an extended period.

Along with the safety and efficacy of Earth Baby® products for the end-user, they are also good for the environment. The brand ensures this by operating under a strict set of standards that includes:

  • Using certified organic and natural ingredients;
  • Adding scent through natural essential oils;
  • Avoiding animal testing during product development;
  • Ensuring that the manufacturing process is reef-friendly and avoids animal-derived ingredients.

The combination of Earth Baby®’s safety, efficacy, and low environmental impact combine to make it the best family health and hygiene label on the market. While there are many options to choose from, no brand is able to give parents the peace of mind that comes from using Earth Baby® products in their home.

About Earth Baby®: Earth Baby® was originally founded in 2007 by Florence Nacino. As a new grandmother, Nacino wanted to use her past experience as a health and beauty formulation researcher, chemist, and regulatory specialist to create a line of organic, natural, baby-safe products. The company was relaunched from 2019 to 2020 and has continued to grow ever since. Learn more at

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