E5 Collective Combines Physical and Mental Training Strategies into One Innovative Fitness Package

BOSTON, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Combining strength training, brain training, play, and recovery strategies, the recently launched E5 Collective fitness format is a new and highly-engaging fitness experience that challenges the body and fosters a growth mindset. A method easily used by trainers working with individuals, groups, teams, youths, or active adults, and that requires minimal equipment, E5 Collective serves all fitness levels and is intended to cultivate an unbreakable spirit through coaching. Bridging the gap between science and practice, the E5 Collective format focuses on five action words — Prepare, Endure, Engage, Push, and Recover — and the E5 Collective format brings them to life through physical movement using a variety of training strategies.

"The E5 Collective team has examined the science and literature around variability training, brain training, play, mindset, and perspective. Based on our findings, we’ve created an innovative, inclusive formula to help build strong and resilient bodies, and tough, positive, healthy mindsets," said Aimee Nicotera, Owner and Creator of E5 Collective. "E5 Collective is more than a workout: It helps us all focus on specific action we can take to be better and grow, not just with our physical health, but with every aspect of our life."

The E5 Collective format focuses on three key elements:

  • The Science: Based on research around movement variability, heart rate variability, brain training, and play, E5 is a science-driven format helping people move more.
  • The Mindset: Passion, persistence, grit, perspective, perseverance, tenacity, and deliberate practice can change a person’s ability to achieve and succeed.
  • The Results: An accessible and inclusive program that builds strong and resilient bodies, fosters cognitive health, and encourages a powerful growth mindset.

Fitness trainers interested in adding the E5 Collective experience to their programs can enroll in an online instructor training course. Learning objectives for the E5 Collective instructor training course include:

  • Explain the purpose of E5 Collective, the reasons behind its creation, and the intentions of the program design.
  • Identify the details behind the scientific anchors of E5 Collective, including variability training, cognitive health, mindset, and play, and how they are incorporated into the format and structure.
  • Explain the class format design by segment and gain an understanding of segment objectives, essential elements, and structure.
  • Understand the recommendations and strategies for the coaching and instruction of E5 Collective experiences, including details around safety, providing modifications, music, timing, and transitions.
  • Learn how to program an E5 Collective session and receive the tools to do it successfully; Demonstrate competence with practical submission.
  • Understand the opportunities that accompany becoming an E5 Collective team member.

Additionally, fitness enthusiasts interested in participating in an E5 Collective online session can go to AimeeNicotera.com/Schedule, click on a session to take, and follow the prompts to create an account. Live class attendees will receive a link to access the class at the scheduled time, while those doing an on-demand session will be able to access the class via a content library.

About E5 Collective

E5 Collective is a training format designed to reach a broad range of people with smart, effective fitness programming using simple methods and minimal equipment. The E5 Collective fitness experience is based on the science around variability training, cognitive health, and brain training, play, and mindset. For more information, please visit E5Collective.com.

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