Dr. Wright Reports on Benefits of Lipedema Reduction Surgery

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new publication in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open shows Lipedema Reduction Surgery outcomes are equal to or better than Total Knee Replacement in improving knee mechanics, gait, physical function, and pain.

This paper, “Lipedema Reduction Surgery Improves Pain, Mobility, Physical Function, and Quality of Life” is the first of its kind demonstrating mobility improvements that have been correlated with reduction in development of disability and improved mortality. The peer-reviewed publication presents a case series comparing data collected using NIH-developed outcome tools and orthopedic assessments before and after undergoing Lipedema Reduction Surgery. The procedure, “Lipedema Reduction Surgery,” a newly validated surgical technique, is a derivative of lymph-sparing liposuction which is fundamentally different than cosmetic liposuction because it is focused on functional improvement, reduction of pain and swelling, and not esthetic changes. 

Lipedema is a subcutaneous adipose-rich connective tissue disease causing a disproportionate accumulation of diseased fat in the legs, hips, and arms. The disease is commonly confused with obesity and lymphedema. Despite up to 11% of the female population being affected by this condition, lipedema is poorly recognized and understood by the general population and the medical community. Unfortunately, because of the lack of awareness and recognition most women with lipedema experience pain and mobility impairment and do not get the treatment they need.

Dr. Wright, Medical Director at Lipedema Surgical Solutions stated, “This paper validates the benefits of surgical reduction of lipedema including improving mobility complications and knee function and mechanics. I hope that this will help more women suffering from lipedema to get the care they need.”

This paper is an open source and you can read or download it here

Lipedema Reduction Surgery Improves Pain, Mobility, Physical Function, and Quality of Life: Case Series Report
Wright, Thomas; Babula, Megan; Schwartz, Jaime; Wright, Corbin; Danesh, Noah; Herbst, Karen
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open, November 2023,11(11):e5436
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