Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution

HUNTINGTON STATION, N.Y., Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wouldn’t it be nice to find a healthy program, as fulfilling as your bad habits, but minimally damaging? Introducing "Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution," on Instagram.

Welcome to this spout of sanity – a feast of fascinating facts, to find your ideal weight and stay there… forever.

From set point to sex, Dr. Abby Aronowitz dispels stereotypes and misinformation to offer facts you’ll love.  https://www.instagram.com/doctorabbyaronowitz. She discusses gender differences and food cravings, biological and psychological.  Learn to manage emotional eating with dignity and compensation, without beating yourself up.  "Pantry raids" are no longer a clandestine tryst, laden with shame and humiliation, when stocked with delicious "healthy junk food!" Advice includes, "Don’t hate yourself for anything you wouldn’t hate another for."

Her reel on sex and body image is hilarious and informative, combining wit & wisdom to offer practical tips.  This perfect recipe blends scholarly knowledge with irreverence, presented by a quite the fashionista. Dr. Abby makes size 16 look good; a great role model for health at any size, particularly for women and teen girls.

Imagine total indulgence in sinfully delicious delectables, which reputable science deemed healthy for battling the bulge.  For instance, research confirmed that sugar and fat can actually decrease chronic stress biologically!  So, Dr. Abby says "Eat natural waffles and ice cream when stressed, and call it dinner." With fiber, protein, calcium, sugar, and fat, it’s a complete meal, which is compensated for, since it’s not eaten in addition to dinner. 

This delightful plan is manageable, reasonable, and actually quite healthy.  Dr. Abby’s musings and pontifications will entertain and inspire you to become your personal best, without overeating, under-eating, or yo-yo dieting.

 Here’s a painless method for making peace with food and body image issues; a compromise between intuitive eating and dieting.  Imagine freedom with guardrails, anchored in science and body positivity, to remedy eating disorders and general neuroticism about weight.

"Dr. Abby’s Diet Revolution" also seeks to begin repairing damage wrought by Instagram, regarding teen girls’ eating disorder and body image issues.

Welcome to the sane alternative to diet-mania in overweight America, where science meets sin, and everybody’s happy!

Abby Aronowitz, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker and coach, who completed work at Columbia University, and is president of DAA, Inc. She holds two MA’s & a Ph.D.  Previously a consultant to Weight Watchers, Dr. Abby has been featured on Webmd.com & AOL, wrote columns regularly for Diet.com & eDiets.com, & penned Your Final Diet, endorsed by Secretary Hillary Clinton


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