Doctor-Formulated GoodFOR PAIN Delivers Instant and Long-Lasting Pain-Relief

All-Natural GoodFOR PAIN with FDA-Approved Active Ingredients is the Pain Reliever People Want

SUPERIOR, Colo., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Who doesn’t know people in constant pain? Nearly two in three American adults live with pain. Pain has an immediate quality of life consequence, making everyday activities and life’s pleasures less enjoyable or sometimes impossible. Along with its physical challenges, pain can have emotional consequences including unnecessary stress and anxiety. GoodFOR® has made relief from physical and emotional pains its mission.

As a side-effect of chemotherapy, Cindy Ullman developed intense neuropathic pain. When all other pain therapies failed her, Cindy’s husband and GoodFOR founder Jeff Ullman assembled a team of doctors and scientists to develop a pain-relief formula that worked.

"My favorite person is my wife, Cindy, and there was no way that I was going to let her suffer," Ullman explains.

That team succeeded and the formula became GoodFOR PAIN™, the company’s over-the-counter pain relief gel. GoodFOR’s bestselling product has received hundreds of 5-star reviews from verified purchases because GoodFOR PAIN is good for pain. Even better, it delivers this pain relief in seconds penetrating the skin with its powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients.

"Everyone hates pain, especially when it interferes with life’s pleasures, work, and relationships," Ullman says. "People need pain to go away and stop messing up their lives! And GoodFOR PAIN fulfills that promise. The unique GoodFOR PAIN formulation does not block pain signaling, instead it immediately goes to work reducing the number one cause of pain: inflammation. Customers report instant relief and restored range of motion from their very first application, which is why physical therapists, chiropractors and medical health professionals are recommending GoodFOR PAIN to their patients with pain." 

The proprietary, doctor-formulated GoodFOR PAIN is 100 percent plant based and all natural, using non-GMO and USA-grown ingredients. FDA-approved pain relievers menthol and camphor work synergistically with a blend of sensate botanicals, essential oils and hemp flower oil.

Because pain never seeks a convenient time or place to strike, the innovators behind GoodFOR PAIN also made this product line accessible in any situation. GoodFOR PAIN comes in two formats: a pump bottle, and easy-to-carry single-use packets. The pump offers the gel in a traditional, easy-access format perfect for keeping in a medicine cabinet or gym bag. For times when a person is on the go, single-use packets of the popular pain-relief topical are easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or keep in a drawer at home or work.

"GoodFOR’s first customers were our families and friends. Nothing is more important to GoodFOR than the well-being of our customers!" Ullman asserts, "People’s pain and struggles are felt both physically and emotionally. GoodFOR will continue to provide a range of unique products to help people better manage their physical and emotional pain and find relief."

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What began as one man’s mission to relieve his wife’s neuropathic pain became a wellness company with a mission to bring smiles to the faces of people relieved from physical and emotional pain. Since 2019, GoodFOR® has made finding the right all-natural products easy for consumers across a growing range of health and wellness needs including pain relief, sleep, stress, and sexual health. Learn more at

There’s nothing worse than pernicious pain, and yet too many people are living with it. But we can help. GoodFOR PAIN™ is the five-star reviewed pain-relief gel, an all-natural, plant-based topical medicine that is exactly as its name implies.

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