Dermatologists Report Seeing an Uptick in Hair Loss Patients Post COVID

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the last two years since the world was upended by COVID, people have been focused on all of its life threatening manifestations but data has also been emerging about a troublesome but under-recognized side effect – hair loss. Dr. Noreen Galaria, a board certified dermatologist and founder of Inner Glow vitamins, says she has seen a 30% increase in patients coming in for hair loss treatments.

"These patients are noticing clumps of hair falling out about two months or more post-COVID infections and are often very distressed," she says. She characterizes these patients as having telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a condition where patients experience diffuse hair loss after a stressful internal event.

Dr. Galaria says, "Severe COVID can be so stressful that our body decides it needs to focus on vital functions and can no longer do ‘extra tasks’ such as growing hair and puts all of our growing hair into a resting phase. These hairs then fall out en masse 1-3 months later causing patients to feel like they are going bald because of the extreme loss." Both men and women are affected by this condition and it can cause extreme psychological distress.

Inner Glow vitamins Advanced hair, skin and nails formula can help grow hair back faster in patients post COVID. Dr. Galaria explains that when you give a patient all the nutritional building blocks they need to grow hair, the body will begin the task of putting hair back into a growth phase sooner as it is not needing to take any vitamins or minerals away from other body processes. Although the verdict won’t be in for a while, the medical literature shows hair loss is occurring in anywhere from 20-40% of patients post COVID.

Dr. Galaria says she sees many patients for whom hair loss is the last straw. One patient said, "I’m single and really struggled with quarantine and social isolation. Then, I was so worried about my breathing when I got COVID, but waking up every morning and seeing hair loss similar to what I saw my mom go through with chemo is the most tragic thing that has happened to me in this pandemic."

For patients like this, Inner Glow Vitamins can be a game changer. Stress can turn telogen effluvium into a chronic condition or can unmask other genetic causes of hair loss. Although hair will slowly grow back after telogen effluvium when the stressors resolve, patients don’t want to wait for their already overwhelmed body to get around to hair growth. Inner Glow has helped countless people grow back their hair faster. It not only has vitamins and minerals but ingredients like ashwagandha, turmeric and collagen to give a much needed boost to those stressed tresses.

Inner Glow includes a carefully selected blend of powerful, safe, and effective ingredients that bridge the gap between allopathic and naturopathic hair growth. "Inner Glow is the result of our quest to provide high-quality, drug and hormone free products to our patients. Social media has resulted in a wide array of choices that are not all scientifically proven," says Dr. Galaria. "Rather than give people a list of natural supplements they should be looking for, we developed a proprietary mix that has it all. Every element we use in Inner Glow is scientifically tested by a board-certified, award-winning Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon team and proven to be effective. Dr. Galaria says each ingredient has a long history of use in these fields but the combination they’ve achieved is synergistic.

Inner Glow Vitamins are proudly manufactured in the USA within FDA-regulated facilities, under the strictest quality-control conditions. To learn more about Inner Glow, or their Women Supporting Women initiative, go online. Or follow Inner Glow Vitamins on social media: Facebook, Instagram

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