Dealing With Aching Joints and Sore Muscles? Rapid-Ease Has the Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid-Ease is a topical cream that is great for managing chronic pain. Its natural, herbal ingredients are safe to use consistently without fear of negative side effects or dependencies. At the same time, the potent concentration of each natural ingredient ensures that the product is as effective as it is safe.

The winter may be a magical time of year, but it can also pose a series of concerns, especially for seniors. The National Institute on Aging warns against cold-weather threats like hypothermia and arthritis.

In addition, speaking to chronic pain concerns, Edgewood Healthcare points out that "it’s common for seniors to have chronic pain like arthritis," adding that "When it’s cold outside, many people note their symptoms worsen." The senior healthcare company points out that this can lead to an increase in pain medications and advises that seniors talk to their doctors, who "may recommend changing your medication or trying home remedies like Epsom salt baths to relieve the aches."

It’s this natural prevention and pain-management approach that medical herbalist Kim Davies-Haycock had in mind when she created her unique topical pain relief and healing cream Rapid-Ease.

The formula uses a variety of herbs such as Arnica flower, Comfrey leaf, MSM, organic Menthol, and Peppermint oil at highly therapeutic levels. The cream utilizes a unique delivery system that enhances the synergistic effect of these healing ingredients, so they can be absorbed easily to work where they are needed. In essence, Rapid-Ease proves the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Each of the active and cosmetic ingredients in Rapid-Ease works synergistically to provide multiple benefits, giving faster pain relief and healing.

This makes Rapid-Ease an efficacious way to manage ongoing pain — including joint pain and mild arthritis. It is an accessible, affordable home treatment option that eliminates the need for harmful NSAIDs or addictive opioids narcotics. "Rapid-Ease can be used for anyone wishing to avoid narcotics or the risks of pharma meds," Davies-Haycock explains, adding that her formula is great "for all types of common injuries like bruising, swelling, muscle pulls, joint strains, muscular back pain. But it is especially useful for safely managing the symptoms of mild arthritis by reducing hot, painful, swollen joints and helping improve movement, even in colder weather. Giving you hours of relief, without any of the health risks of pharma meds"

Rapid-Ease’s use of potent, effective levels of herbal ingredients also ensures that it’s more effective than the heavily diluted homeopathic solutions and topical heat rubs that are on the market. "Homeopathic solutions and heat rubs like menthol and camphor gels and liniments are less dangerous but not excellent options," Davies-Haycock says, "the former is too diluted, while the latter helps with blood flow but doesn’t support the immune system and healing."

Rapid-Ease is an all-natural, herbal solution that offers the best of both worlds. It is a dynamic healing tool that doesn’t require overpowered pharmaceutical ingredients. Instead of masking symptoms, it actively works to support healing, reduce heat and swelling, and manage pain. In short, Rapid-Ease is an excellent option for all seniors to have on hand as they navigate the natural pain-related challenges that cold weather brings every year.

About Rapid-Ease: Rapid-Ease is the American offshoot of the New Zealand-based enterprise Nature’s Nurse. The company was founded by Kim Davies-Haycock over 15 years ago and specializes in using 100% natural ingredients at highly therapeutic levels to create topical pain relief remedies that are effective, fast-working, safe, and natural. Learn more about Rapid-Ease at

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