Dance2Fit Boosts Confidence and Builds Community

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Health and wellness brand Dance2Fit goes beyond simple workouts. It seeks to deliver an accessible, inclusive exercise experience for all and sundry. The brand is focused on fostering health through an environment that also cultivates a deep sense of individual confidence and participation in a like-minded community.

For many, working out is a private affair. Even at the gym, everyone wears earbuds and focuses on avoiding eye contact or engaging in conversations. It’s an area where Dance2Fit is working hard to break the mold.

The Knoxville-based company launched in 2018 and quickly gained traction with its message to “inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives.” The enterprise was created by Jessica Bass James, a 24-year-old mother of three who couldn’t find a fitness program that worked with her hectic parenting schedule. Taking matters into her own hands, Jessica Bass James created her own brand which focused on more than grueling, repetitive workouts and obsessing over measuring results.

Sure, countless individuals from Dance2Fit’s hundreds of thousands of members have touted weight loss and other health goals that they’re meeting through the program. However, the brand is focused on creating more than just a good workout. Jessica Bass James’s company encourages its members — many of whom operate as the selfless, busy-yet-unseen parent — to take hold of their health again. Dance2Fit does this by offering both online and in-person workouts. These can be live (including live streaming) or they can be done via DVD on a member’s own schedule.

Along with making the workouts accessible, this versatile approach incorporates an intense desire for confidence building and community. Every member of Dance2Fit is part of the brand’s international network. They collectively come together — both digitally and literally — to join in a communal campaign for their own health.

The positive, inspirational, and motivational delivery of Dance2Fit’s program has provided one of the most unique and inviting fitness solutions on the market. The uplifting experience is inclusive and leaves no woman, man, or child behind in its quest to create confident, connected, and healthy individuals.

About Dance2Fit: Dance2Fit was founded in 2018 by Jessica Bass James. The health and wellness enterprise operates out of Knoxville, Tennessee, where it provides a variety of products and services, including online workouts, pre-workout supplements, and exercise apparel.

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