D2Fit Nutrition Is Helping to Keep Bodies Healthy During the Holidays

The Sports Nutrition Brand’s Growing Line of Supplements Helps Fuel the Body with Energy and Nutritional Support

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The team at D2Fit Nutrition is well aware that the holiday season is anything but an ideal time to stay fit. Busy schedules wreak havoc on normal workout routines. Stressors also abound. For instance, the American Psychiatric Association reported that while fears of spreading COVID-19 at gatherings are subsiding, new pressure in the form of tighter budgets and rising prices are taking their place.

Stress can stoke anxiety and depression and lead to reckless eating, especially with so much holiday food available around the clock. This leads to unnecessary weight gain, with the experts at Mayo Clinic putting average weight gain at .75 pounds per person per holiday season. UC Davis Health raises the figure to between one and two pounds.

It’s pressures like those of disrupted schedules, added stress, and extra weight that make Jessica Bass James’ fitness solutions so important to hundreds of thousands of women every holiday season. “When the holidays arrive, it can wreak havoc on your weight and leave you feeling exhausted,” James explains. “Dance2Fit is designed to keep women plugged into a consistent fitness routine, even when they can only fit it in the cracks of the holiday bustle. It’s engaging, fun, and something to look forward to. D2Fit Nutrition is a similarly simple and accessible way to get the right nutrition to stay healthy and in shape in November and December.”

Dance2Fit is a fitness program that combines dance moves coordinated with hip-hop, country, rock, and other top 40 hits with high-intensity workouts. Hundreds of thousands of women have signed up for the Dance2Fit community since it launched half a decade ago. While there are local chapters and in-person events, the key that makes Dance2Fit so beneficial during the holiday season is its live-stream online sessions. Led personally by Jessica, these beam engaging, fun, and consistent workout options straight into each woman’s house on a regular basis.

The fitness icon has also created her D2Fit Nutrition sports nutrition label to complement Dance2Fit activities. These include a line of targeted supplements, including:

  • A time-release protein blend.
  • A multi-collagen pre-workout powder.
  • A 4-in-1 thermogenic kickstart formula.
  • A nutrient-dense recovery greens combo.

Between the nutrients and the workouts, Jessica Bass James’ company is providing the simplicity and camaraderie necessary for countless women to stay focused and on track as they pursue their fitness goals, even during the busiest season of the year.

About D2Fit Nutrition
D2Fit Nutrition is a line of sports nutrition supplements created by Jessica Bass James. The industry fitness leader’s popular supplements are designed to help women who want to look and feel their best. As a reminder, you should always consult a physician before using any dietary supplement — especially if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing, or have a known medical condition. Learn more about D2Fit Nutrition at dance2fitwithjessicabass.com.

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