Cymcorp Optimizes the Immune System

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cymcorp is a health and wellness company with one focus: to help people live healthier and happier lives. Founder, Robert Gauthier, has created a company that thrives on the concept that good health is more than a privilege. It’s a fundamental human right.

Good health allows individuals to enjoy more time. It enables them to do more things. It gives them sharper minds and greater physical capabilities. These are all potent ingredients of a well-lived life.

Gauthier remembers when he originally began considering how to facilitate truly sustainable health. "I was then confronted by a single question," the founder explains, "that was both simple and complex: Isn’t there a better way? The search to find an answer to this question led to seven years of research on biology and the human anatomy, collaborations with well-established medical doctors and advisors, and multiple trips to Africa. My interest sparked a passion, and this passion was molded into a mission."

Gauthier further explains how his research slowly split off from conventional solutions. These used "weapons" to attack viruses in the body, with the founder using the example that "you can eliminate a pest problem in your home with fire, but what good will it do if it ends up reducing your home to cinders?"

Instead, Gauthier looked at things from a different perspective. Rather than fighting against the bad guys, why not help the good ones? Why not support the body itself? The innovator could think of no better starting point to do this than to bolster the body’s most basic building blocks: its cells.

The result of this learning journey led to the development of GSH Complex, a unique product that stimulates the production of glutathione (also known as GSH) in the body. GSH is a major component of cellular health. Healthy levels of GSH have been known to help with everything from common ear, nose, and throat conditions all the way to serious cancer treatments.

Gauthier built on this initial victory by developing other basic "building block" health products that addressed areas such as digestion and hydration. Together, these create the Viprox package, a trilogy of products that are designed to bolster cells, optimize the immune system, and generally enhance bodily health from the ground up.

This provides a solid line of defense that can help to keep a person strong and healthy with minimal need for invasive or aggressive, external "weaponized" healthcare solutions. In short, it provides holistic, long-term health for a life worth living.

About Cymcorp: Cymcorp is a Canadian health and wellness brand that has been at the forefront of cellular health for over two decades. The company was created after founder Robert Gauthier asked himself the question "Isn’t there a better way to combat illness and maintain our health?" The answer led to Viprox, Cymcorp’s complete health care treatment which specializes in providing GSH and supportive elements to the body in order to maintain its inherent health properties over time. Learn more about Cymcorp at

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