Cuddlytails Launches Game-Changing 24/7 Vet Chat Service: Affordable Pet Care Meets A.I. Excellence

Real Chats with Veterinarians – Named a Top U.S. Pet Startup by Forbes and Startup Pill

NEW YORK, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cuddlytails, a nationwide leader in integrating A.I. technology with pet care, proudly launched its transformative 24/7 online vet-chat service. Connecting pet owners with vets around the clock, the latest expansion adds a significant new communication and care option for pet parents, allowing them to interact directly with a licensed veterinarian whenever they need. Offering both one-time chats and a monthly subscription option, the 24/7 service is available via the Cuddlytails app on Google Play and the App Store.

Expert Vet Advice – Any Time of Day

Absolutely dedicated to ensuring every pet owner has access to reliable, cost-effective veterinary advice, the new vet-chat service helps pet parents consult with qualified veterinarians via text to address immediate concerns or evolving inquiries regarding a pet’s health.

“We have always set ourselves apart from our competitors for many reasons, including much lower pricing, but our new vet-chat service is particularly special,” explained Rahul Arora, CMO at Cuddlytails. “With single consultations at just $5.99 each, and monthly subscriptions at $9.99, this is the best deal for veterinary consultation anywhere. Think about that: You can ask any question, at any time, all month long – for less than ten dollars! This pricing strategy is an absolute revolution because it expands access to all pet owners, without the prohibitive costs traditionally associated with vet visits.”

Full Spectrum Care, Knowledge, and Pet Services

Since its inception in 2022, Cuddlytails has rapidly expanded, now operating in over 50 cities across the United States. Cuddlytails first rose to prominence by offering a unique blend of urban services – including pet boarding, sitting, walking, daycare, and check-in – before quickly becoming a dynamic and holistic pet care leader in major urban centers. Acknowledged by Forbes and Startup Pill as one of the top pet startups in the country, Cuddlytails has sailed past 40,000 pet lovers nationwide so far and is still growing.

The addition of online veterinary services underscores the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for pet care, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pet health management.

“Though we’ve enjoyed tremendous success, our core mission at Cuddlytails remains the same,” said Arora. “To offer a full suite of accessible pet care solutions for the modern pet owner. And by introducing 24/7 online veterinary services at such an affordable rate, we’re also breaking down financial barriers to quality pet healthcare. This is just another step in our journey to revolutionize the pet care industry.”

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Cuddlytails is an online A.I. enhanced platform that allows dog owners to book pre-verified dog sitters and walkers located in the same apartment building, or within a user’s general neighborhood. Pet-parents can book dog walks, boarding/sitting, day care, play dates and other services with other pet lovers in their area. And in 2024, Cuddlytails introduced a new service that offers access to qualified veterinarians 24/7, via an exclusive and reasonably priced vet-chat option. Learn more at:

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