Cronometer Lowers Risk of Micronutrient Deficiency in Diet Plans

REVELSTOKE, BC, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cronometer, a micronutrient tracking app, announces the addition of Immune System Nutrition Scores and women’s Nutrition Targets to their mobile app. This announcement is significant to the 50 million American adults managing their health through diets1 that specify calorie intake but not micronutrients levels. Ignoring proper micronutrients levels has been shown to contribute to several major illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis2.  

“Cronometer is a great tool. We can adjust the targets for any nutrient for each person, we can keep other data (such as blood sugars or sleep time) in the same platform, and we find the charts and reports actually useful!” said Christopher Gardner, Faculty Director and Director of Nutrition Studies Group, Stanford University. “People find the entry of foods is easy with many shortcuts available and a robust food database with accurate nutrient information, which helps them stick to their diets.”

Benefits of the Cronometer micronutrient mobile tracking app include:

  • Included Nutritional Scores such immune system, bone health, blood health, and antioxidant reports to optimize your nutrition
  • Free Nutrition profiles specifically for women that can be adjusted for age, pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • An ability to track a full spectrum of nutrition, not just calories, allows people to learn what they need to eat to improve their health not just lose weight
  • Support for any diet whether it’s Keto, Vegan, Paleo or one prescribed by your healthcare provider
  • Supports the full integration of biometrics from all the major activity trackers

The Cronometer mobile app is a free download from the Apple and Google store. The Cronometer desktop version is a free download at

About Cronometer
Cronometer Software Inc., established in 2011, is a purpose driven company headquartered in Revelstoke, BC. Through our app and website, we provide detailed nutrition information that helps people ‘Eat Smarter and Live Better.’ Cronometer combines an easy-to-use interface with a nutritional database that is curated from verified, accurate sources and contains over 300,000 foods. It is the foundation of our products for consumers, health coaches, and clinics. Cronometer has grown rapidly to over 4.5 million registered users and enterprise customers such as Boston’s Children’s Hospital.     

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