Cory Gregory Debuts New Book on How to Build Confidence and Win at Life

Gregory is a 14-time cover model, and serial fitness entrepreneur.

GRANVILLE, Ohio, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Former coal miner turned entrepreneur and 14-time cover model, Cory Gregory, announced today the launch of his new book titled How to Build Confidence and Win at Life. The book, which includes Gregory’s life story, gives readers a sustainable and actionable process to build confidence within themselves and then translate that confidence to real world success.

The book debuted this week on Amazon and is already a top-50 best seller in the Happiness category, including 10th in New Releases. The book is also trending in the top 75 best-selling success books and 12th in new releases in the success category.

"Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be more confident and successful," Gregory explained. "I wrote (this book) to show people that building a better life doesn’t come through luck but rather through sacrifice and hard work. I learned very young confidence runs your world & you need to work on it daily."

Cory’s programming and training videos generated 100s of millions of views on and ultimately led to helping secure a partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the past.

Back to the book: It focuses on Cory’s transition from a childhood life of poverty and growing up in a broken-down trailer to becoming a major force in the Health & Fitness industry. All the while, Cory has remained a dedicated family man and has three children of his own.

Max Effort Muscle, Cory’s second supplement brand, is now a multimillion-dollar business and growing rapidly alongside Cory’s fitness app, CoryG Fitness, which has thousands of subscribers worldwide spanning over 100 countries.

How to Build confidence and Win at Life is available for purchase on Amazon:

An audiobook version – narrated by Cory himself – will be available also soon. The audiobook also contains post chapter roundtable discussions with Cory and his co-hosts of The Roundtable Podcast: Daniel Walter, Traveon Dier Alford & Cole Susac. The crew talks about lessons that readers can take away from each chapter in a similar style as David Goggin’s famous Can’t Hurt Me audiobook.

About Cory Gregory
Cory Gregory is a fitness entrepreneur, leader in the nutrition industry and a top training expert. Previously named a top-50 fitness expert in 2019 by Men’s Health, Cory has spent his entire life as a practitioner in the field of training and supplements. He now co-owns the famous Old School Gym in Granville, Ohio.

Cory co-founded one of the fastest growing sport nutrition brands ever created, Musclepharm. Most recently, Cory has developed an online programming & nutrition site at, which has thousands of members that stretch across 100 countries. Max Effort Muscle, his second sports nutrition brand, is fast gaining steam in the direct-to-consumer market since inception in 2016. 

Cory personally has competed in more than 30 drug-free powerlifting competitions. Cory has also competed in 15 drug-free bodybuilding events winning his pro card in 2019 and has graced the cover of 14 fitness magazines.

He has his exercise specialist certificate from Columbus State, but is also a certified NESTA nutrition coach, is certified by Westside Barbell and holds a Crossfit level 1 trainer certificate. On top of these accolades, Cory has learned from & been mentored by some of the biggest names in training and nutrition including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Philips, Louie Simmons, Dr. Eric Serrano, Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, and John Broz

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