CloudPeak Nutrition Announces New RESOLITROL Patented Formula

SHERIDAN, Wyo., March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With more Americans than ever looking for the best ways to maintain healthy blood sugar, promote joint mobility and more, CloudPeak Nutrition may have an answer, with its new patented formula Resolitrol which is available now.

With years of experience in the nutraceuticals industry, CloudPeak Nutrition has developed a clinically researched and patented formula consisting of trans-Resveratrol and Ursolic Acid.  This synergistic formula creates a powerful “super-antioxidant duo” with studies showing an increase in clinical efficacy to be up to 14 times more effective than either ingredient alone.

Our bodies are continuously exposed to free radicals and other reactive oxygen species from our own metabolic process and exposure to environmental pollutants. Antioxidants are substances that reduce the damaging effects of free radicals by donating an electron. This lessens the reactivity of the free radical and helps reduce damage to cells, proteins and DNA. Long term exposure to free radicals can help accelerate premature aging of the body.

Although the body does produce some antioxidants on its own, the science is clear that exogenous antioxidants—those produced outside the body—are essential to protecting cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. CloudPeak Nutrition aims to make it easier than ever to access powerful antioxidants.

Alan Roberts M.S. Chief Scientific Advisor
“Resolitrol is truly a testament to our dedication and passion in creating a clinically researched and multi-functional supplement product that promotes better health and wellbeing!”

Resolitrol is the result of years of research. A patented synergistic phytonutrient blend of all-natural high purity botanical extracts. Resolitrol derives its active ingredients from Polygonum cuspidatum extract and Rosemary extract. It provides consumers with a wide array of health benefits, when taken in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

Health-conscious consumers take Resolitrol to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promote a healthy immune system, maintain a healthy weight, lean muscle mass, support joint mobility, promote a sense of calmness and restful sleep, and alleviate occasional feelings of sleeplessness.

“For almost a year, many people adhering to shelter-in-place guidelines have expressed concerns about immune function,” states Lyndon Johnson – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at CloudPeak Nutrition.  Resolitrol may be an ideal solution for adults of any age who want to promote peak body function and protect themselves from free radicals during these uncertain times.

Lyndon Johnson Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
“We now look forward to placing Resolitrol in national distribution to all major retailers.”

Resolitrol is now available on Amazon Prime, search for “Resolitrol” by name or go to our official website at to purchase this all-natural,high quality, patented and multi-functional product for total body well-being.

For further sales inquiries, please contact:
Lyndon Johnson
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

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