Cibona Foods: The “Cherry on Top” of Healthy Home Eating

From Mayo to Maraschino Cherries, Cibona Foods Is Making It Easier for Families to Eat at Home

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There are many costs that come with daily living, but few of them impact a family’s budget quite as much as food. The Motley Fool reports that Americans spend $2,375 per year on average for dining and takeout food. Even if families opt to exclusively eat at home, it’s difficult to keep costs down. The USDA recommends over $1,250 per month as a moderate grocery budget for a family of four. Whether it’s takeout or eating in, the real takeaway is that eating is expensive.

In many cases, the only way to stay under budget is to avoid eating certain foods. This starts with luxury items, but in many cases, it can also apply to basic staples, like snacks, beverages, and even condiments. Cibona Foods Inc is a condiment and health food brand that has invested in helping families avoid the need to cut out some of these basics.

“Our values have always revolved around two things,” says company founder and president Ljuban Ljubisic, “We want to create consistent high-quality products that use wholesome, delectable ingredients. Throughout the process, we also want to ensure that these products, while predictably excellent, are also affordable, family-friendly food choices for any grocery budget.”

Along with affordability, Cibona Foods also offers a wide variety of condiments. Its mayonnaise line is particularly robust, with the range including traditional, avocado oil, olive oil, plant-based, and whipped options. The brand also has decades of experience making maraschino cherries and a selection of pickled foods, always with the same goal of providing families with affordable ways to keep their tables stocked with delicious food choices. In an era where inflation and economic hardship are creating mounting pressure on family budgets, Cibona is a brand that is fighting the good fight to keep food both family-friendly and affordable, no matter what the cost.

About Cibona Foods: Cibona Foods Inc. was established in Montreal, Canada in 1988 and began working on its signature marinades the following year. In 2009 it began manufacturing its flagship line of mayonnaise products. The Cibona™ brand has experienced steady growth over the years and imports and exports globally, including India, Spain, Greece, Italy, and the USA. Learn more at

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