Chickpea Coffee Brand Alt Health Launches New Website

Ahead of Its Impending Arrival in the U.S., Alt Health Has Created a New Internet Home for Its Popular Coffee Alternatives

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alt Health is a popular Indian energy brand that has created a fun, fascinating, and delectable alternative to caffeinated coffee: chickpea coffee. The energy drink alternative is chock full of vital nutrients, including calcium, fiber, and iron. At the same time, it is caffeine-free and safe for anyone to drink — even pregnant women and children over two years old.

Alt Health is already stocked in retailers across India and continues to grow quickly in its home country. The chickpea masters at Alt Health are also in the process of bringing their superior coffee alternatives to the United States. In preparation for this impending arrival, they’ve launched their website.

The sparkling new site is a hub for caffeine-free e-commerce and jitter-free information. The site’s sleek design immediately sends the brand’s key message: chickpeas offer a similar beverage experience to coffee — without the negative side effects of caffeine. The site’s blog is replete with information on chickpea health benefits, energy-boosting recommendations, scientific data on the negative effects of caffeine, and of course, the chickpea coffee itself.

“Our coffee alternative tastes remarkably similar to a normal cup of joe,” says Alt Health CRO and R&D lead Ms. Kusum Bhandari, “It has a dense, fibrous aroma that works in a drip maker as well as an espresso machine. It is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who need a caffeine-free pick-me-up.”

Along with its original chickpea coffee, the Alt Health team has developed six other flavors — all of which are showcased on the new site — including popular options such as Date Seed & Chicory, Fusion Bold, and Turmeric.

From the health benefits of chickpeas to the absence of caffeine, Alt Health is a powerful yet clean way for an individual to stay alert and awake throughout the day. The new website is one more step toward enabling people around the world — soon to include Americans — to take care of both their responsibilities and their health on a daily basis.

About Alt Health:
Alt Health is under the umbrella of Bhookha Haathi Hospitality Limited. The parent company has operated out of Bangalore since 2017 as one of the fastest-growing alternative healthy food-based companies in its homeland of India. The brand’s team members believe that food is more than just sustenance. It’s a way of life. Their mission is to make premium, healthy, and accessible alternative food products that support and promote a healthier lifestyle for their valued customers. The company is US FDA registered and holds multiple ISO certifications. Learn more at

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