CHE Behavioral Health Services Selects nView Health as Its Platform for Measurement-Based Care

ATLANTA, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬ánView Health, the premier provider of evidence-based behavioral health solutions, is pleased to announce that is has executed a multi-year license agreement with CHE Behavioral Health Services, a multispecialty clinical group dedicated to increasing access to mental health services and reducing the stigma of mental health conditions. CHE Services is the largest employer of non-contract, W2 mental health providers in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, CHE will use nView’s measurement-based care (MBC) solutions to provide actionable behavioral health data in CHE’s clinical practice and business operations. CHE will leverage nView’s digital solutions to provide automated and highly detailed outcomes tracking that will replace its manual patient monitoring process.

According to CHE Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Jennifer Birdsall, nView’s robust measurement solutions will allow CHE to "make more informed care decisions, negotiate more favorable payer contracts and rates, and further establish CHE’s competitive advantages over other behavioral health organizations." CHE will incorporate nView’s MBC solutions into several service lines, including its large telehealth practice.

"As a clinical leader, I am looking for actionable intelligence to help our providers more effectively collaborate with their clients on care and treatment to achieve the best possible outcomes," Dr. Birdsall said. "At the same time, the industry is moving toward outcome measurement and measurement-based care. We have to be able to say, ‘Here are our outcomes. Here’s how we improve care over X amount of time.’ We are excited to work with nView to continue to improve the quality of our care by gathering outcomes data and putting it to good use in the treatment of our clients’ mental health needs."

nView’s evidence-based behavioral health solutions enable healthcare providers to electronically screen, interview, monitor and measure outcomes for the most often diagnosed adult and pediatric mental health disorders on one comprehensive digital platform. nView solutions gather data at each step of the patient journey to provide validation of patient outcomes for providers, healthcare systems and payers.

According to Dr. Tom Young, nView’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer, "This partnership with CHE is an extraordinary milestone in the treatment of mental health in our country. It is the first large-scale implementation of measurement-based care for mental health and represents real action at a time when adults and children are struggling in record numbers," Dr. Young said. "I see it as a ‘burn-the-boats moment’ where we can begin to bend the curve of mental health back in the right direction and replace outdated tools that have been embedded for decades in our healthcare system. As someone who has been serving the mental health of our communities for many years, it is a great honor to be in and part of this moment."

nView is honored to partner with Dr. Birdsall and the entire CHE team, said Jim Szyperski, Chief Executive Officer at nView. "As a national leader in behavioral health, CHE understands accurate data not only helps better treat clients, but it is also fundamental to managing value-based care and reimbursement models. The selection of nView by such an impressive organization affirms the hard work of our nView team and validates our mission to change the ways we identify, assess and monitor mental health problems."

About CHE
CHE is a multispecialty, clinic-based group of licensed professionals dedicated to increasing access to mental health services and reducing the stigma of mental health conditions. With over 850 psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers and licensed marriage & family therapists, we are the largest employer of non-contract, W2 mental health providers in the United States. Unlike other tech-based mental health companies, we focus on the clinical care experience, not the technological one.

About nView Health
nView Health is the premier provider of evidence-based software and solutions used by research organizations and healthcare professionals around the world to help them identify, treat, and monitor mental health disorders, a critical requirement for measurement-based care. nView is the exclusive worldwide licensee for a broad array of behavioral health screening solutions, structured interviews and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, please visit or follow nView Health on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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